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Heritage Conservation Districts

Review of the St. Clair Boulevard Heritage Conservation District Study

The City of Hamilton is reviewing the existing St. Clair Boulevard Heritage Conservation District Plan to update and clarify the Plan and bring it into compliance with the Ontario Heritage Act. This review will include updating:

  • policies and guidelines for heritage alterations
  • financial incentive programs available to property owners in the District

In 1992, the St. Clair Boulevard Heritage Conservation District was designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act by By-law No. 92-140. An accompanying Background Study and Plan (PDF, 8 MB) was developed, but never formally adopted by Council.

If you require additional information related to the study or wish to be added to the mailing list, contact:

Cultural Heritage Planning Staff
City of Hamilton
Email: [email protected]


The Ontario Heritage Act is the principal piece of legislation in the province that enables municipalities to conserve, manage and protect heritage properties.

There are two major parts of the Act that deal with formally protecting heritage properties:

  • Part IV, which enables a municipality to designate individual properties that are of historical interest or value.
  • Part V, which enables a municipality to designate an area or grouping of properties, including buildings and their setting, as a heritage conservation district.

Heritage Conservation Districts in Hamilton

The City of Hamilton has seven Heritage Conservation Districts:

  • Cross-Melville
  • Durand-Markland
  • Hamilton Beach
  • MacNab-Charles
  • Mill Street
  • St. Clair Avenue
  • St. Clair Boulevard

Each Heritage Conservation District has two reports: a District Study and a District Plan.

  • The District Study contains the:
    • heritage attributes of the study area
    • rationale for designating the neighbourhood as a conservation district
  • The District Plan contains the:
    • basis for the careful management and protection of the area’s heritage features including buildings, spaces and landscape features
    • guidance on relevant planning and development matters that may affect the area’s unique character

These reports are only available by request. If you wish to request a non-accessible copy of the reports, contact us at [email protected]