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Heritage Process Under Review

The City of Hamilton is carrying out a review of the existing frameworks for processing Heritage Permit applications and for addressing requests to designate properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

A key aim is to learn about ideas for improving the existing processes from stakeholders interested in and involved in the City’s Heritage Permit and Heritage Designation processes.

The City held a stakeholder workshop on November 20, 2015 with owners of designated heritage properties, Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee members, heritage conservation and planning professionals, City staff, neighbourhood association representatives and other interested parties.

The workshop included a discussion of the feedback received to date and staff’s preliminary recommendations for improvement to the existing heritage permit and designation processes and engaged stakeholders in further discussion. 

Presented at the workshop:

Results of the workshop:

This feedback will help inform staff’s final recommendations to Council, which will be drafted and available for public comment in early 2018.

What is heritage designation

Properties can be designated individually or as part of a Heritage Conservation District under the Ontario Heritage Act. Designation provides the long-term protection against demolition and unsympathetic alterations. Designation is intended to recognize properties that possess significant architectural, historical and/or contextual value. The City has a Council-approved process to address requests for designation. 

What is a Heritage Permit

The City is able to manage physical changes to designated heritage properties through the Heritage Permit process, which ensures proposed changes do not adversely affect the protected heritage value of a property. As a general rule, changes to heritage properties should repair rather than replace original features and should not permanently damage heritage materials or construction measures. 

Why the City is undertaking this review

In September 2014, Council directed staff to undertake a review of the processes related to heritage designation and processing heritage permit applications. The purpose of this review is to assess the effectiveness of the existing processes and identify any recommendations for improvement. As part of the review, stakeholder engagement and feedback are being sought to assist in the assessment of the existing processes and to identify areas for improvement.

Staff Reports


  • Hamilton's By-law No. 07-322 (PDF, 74 KB) - To Amend By-law 05-364 as it Relates to Delegated Authority Under the Ontario Heritage Act for the Power to Consent to Permits for the Alteration of Designated Property
  • Hamilton's By-law No. 05-364 (PDF, 52 KB) - Being A By-Law To Delegate to the Director of Development and Real Estate Certain Assigned Council Authority Under the Ontario Heritage Act for the Power to Consent to Permits For The Alteration Of Designated Property

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