Heritage Properties

Heritage Resources

A collection of heritage resources and inventories of heritage properties in the City of Hamilton.

To learn more about Hamilton's Heritage Resources and where they are located across the communities of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton and Stoney Creek, view the interactive story map.

Heritage Property Mapping

The heritage property mapping includes:

  • Properties designated under Part IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Properties listed on the Municipal Heritage Register
  • Properties listed on the Inventory

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Heritage Inventories

These inventories are also available for viewing through the City of Hamilton’s Cultural Heritage Resource mapping at www.map.hamilton.ca.

An inventory of all known Euro-Canadian cemeteries and burial sites located within the amalgamated City of Hamilton. This volume also describes the legislative and administrative context of cemeteries in the City of Hamilton, a history of these cemeteries, and a discussion of Euro-Canadian funerary markers and motifs:

Listings of all known buildings used as places of worship built prior to 1967 throughout the former municipalities of Ancaster, Beverly, Binbrook, Dundas, East Flamborough, Glanford, Saltfleet, and West Flamborough:

An inventory of significant places of worship in the former municipality of Hamilton from 1801 to 2001:

In celebration of Canada 150, the City of Hamilton compiled an inventory of buildings constructed prior to 1867. For more information please visit www.hamilton.ca/stillstanding.

Hamilton Heritage Bridges

Outlines the process by which the City can assess the heritage value of bridges and associated structures over 40 years old, provide for Environmental Assessments for said structures and document existing inventory of structures:

Heritage record of bridge structures over 35 years old in Hamilton: