Heritage Properties

Municipal Heritage Register

The City’s Municipal Heritage Register is the official record of cultural heritage properties that have been identified as being important to the community, consisting of:

  • Properties designated under Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Non-designated properties identified by Council as being of cultural heritage value or interest

Non-designated properties are added to the Register to:

  • Promote knowledge of a community’s cultural heritage
  • Provide easily accessible information for planners, property owners, developers, the tourism industry and the general public
  • Help prioritize future designations
  • Provide interim protection from demolition
  • 60-day notice of intent to demolish or remove a building or structure on property that is included on the Municipal Register

Municipal Heritage Register

To view non-designated and designated properties included in the Municipal Heritage Register, refer to the City's interactive cultural heritage resource mapping.

Requests for excerpts or designation by-laws

With adequate notice and subject to any applicable costs (e.g., fee for photocopying), excerpts from the Municipal Heritage Register and any of the designation by-laws for individual properties or heritage conservation districts may be requested through the Planning and Economic Development Department.