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A Celebration of Pre-Confederation Buildings in Hamilton

In honour of Canada 150, the City of Hamilton is recognizing the buildings that were constructed and standing when Canada became a country.

These buildings connect us to our past and help us understand the history of our country and the evolution of each of the unique settlements, towns and communities that make up the amalgamated City of Hamilton.

We have identified approximately 940 pre-Confederation buildings across the City, including:

  • 180 in Ancaster
  • 160 in Dundas
  • 240 in Flamborough
  • 50 in Glanbrook
  • 270 in Hamilton
  • 30 in Stoney Creek

Keep an eye out in for signs in your community that read, “This building was standing in 1867.”

These rare buildings make up less than 1% of Hamilton’s building stock. Their locations are well balanced between Hamilton's rural and urban areas. The design and style of these buildings range from modest dwellings to elegant estate homes and from early commercial and industrial buildings to prominent public landmarks.

One in five pre-Confederation properties are designated as a significant heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act and one in seven is a property of heritage interest listed on the City’s Municipal Heritage Register.

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For more information on cultural heritage properties in the City of Hamilton, visit: www.hamilton.ca/heritageplanning

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