Master Plans & Class EAs

Master Plans & Class EAs

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Hamilton’s Transportation Master Plan under Review

The City is undertaking a review of the city-wide Transportation Master Plan to guide the future of transportation programs and investment to accommodate future growth for 2013 and beyond.


What is an Environmental Assessment?

An Environmental Assessment or EA is the process of determining what environmental impacts, if any, there will be during a project and how to minimize the impacts. The Ontario Environmental Assessment Act requires Ontario municipalities to complete an EA when undertaking municipal road, water and wastewater projects.

What is a Street Master Plan?

Street Master Plans are one of several design strategies initiated by the City for public realm improvements. 

Truck Route Master Plan

The City of Hamilton is recognized as a goods movement gateway between Southern Ontario and international markets as a result of the goods movement corridors (rail lines, highways) and intermodal freight facilities (airport, port, rail yards) that exist in Hamilton. Virtually all goods consumed in Hamilton, and in the supply chain process reaches consumers by trucks. The City of Hamilton operates a designated truck route network that designates where truck traffic can travel in order to:

  • Recognize and minimize the impacts of truck traffic on the interests of the greater community such as safety, congestion, noise, and air quality
  • Support economic and employment activities
  • Support the safe and efficient movement of goods and services
  • Protect the City’s road infrastructure that cannot bear heavy loads or roads where truck traffic would be unsuitable (e.g. narrow lanes, weight restrictions on bridges)