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Barton Street and Fifty Road Improvements

Notice of Public Information Centre #1

The City will be holding a virtual Public Information Centre to provide interested residents and stakeholders with an update on Barton Street and Fifty Road. At this Public Information Centre, the City will update you on changes to the cross section and alignment of both corridors. These improvements are intended to better serve our community by enhancing ways in which you commute such as by car, truck, transit, bike or on foot.

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Visit to view the video, review presentation materials and provide your comments/feedback.

The City of Hamilton initiated the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment or Class EA process for improvements to Barton Street and Fifty Road.

Barton Street and Fifty Road are truck routes, which form exit and entrance points to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)  and Highway 8, and are classified as major arterial roadways. Since the Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan is currently under appeal at the OMB, some outcomes of hearings may affect land uses abutting this study area, along Barton Street, but both roadways will service the new urban area created under the Stoney Creek Urban Boundary Expansion (SCUBE) Plan.The study will also be informed and affected by Block Servicing Strategies 1, 2 and 3, within Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan Lands.

Location: The study area is roughly located along Barton Street Right-of-Way, with the proposed width of 40 m (including a 4 m Wide Pedestrian Promenade), between the intersection with Fruitland Road and Fifty Road, and along Fifty Road – improvements to include widening between QEW and Highway 8, and CN Rail crossing.  

Study status: Active

Classification: Schedule C (Phases 3 and 4)

Study Area for the Barton Street & Fifty Road Improvements EA

Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan

Scope: Establishes the land use, transportation network, infrastructure requirements, development standards and protection of natural areas and heritage resources to guide the development of lands in the Secondary Plan area over the next 20 years.
Learn more about the Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan

Stage 1 Archaeological Background Study (2017)

Scope:  To conduct a Stage 1 Archaelogical background study of a portion of Barton Stret, from Fruitland Road to Fifty Road and Fifty Road.
Stage 1 Archaelological Backround Study (PDF, 17 MB)

Fruitland Road EA (2011)

Scope: To improve Fruitland Road between Barton Street and Highway 8.
Phases 1 and 2 Project File Report (PDF, 140 MB)  |  Appendices (PDF, 51 MB)

Fruitland-Winona Breeding Birds Survey and Species at Risk (2012)

Scope: To conduct a report on four avian Species at Risk (SAR) surveys and other breeding bird species within the Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan Area (SPA). To identify their locations and make recommendations of areas that should be preserved.
Fruitland-Winona Breeding Birds Survey and Species at Risk Final Report (PDF, 9.7 MB)

Fifty Road and Canadian National Railway (CNR) Grade Separation Needs Assessment Study (2013)

Scope: Report on the timeline of the improvements on Fifty Road including Barton Street intersection, and the at-grade CN rail crossing, to accommodate current and future development.
Information Report Update (PDF, 311 KB)  |  PED14034a Information Report (PDF, 98 KB)

SCUBE Subwatershed Studies (2010)


Scope: To guide the extension of water and wastewater services required for existing and future land uses within the SCUBE - East area.
Water & Wastewater Master Servicing Plan - June 2008 (PDF, 87 MB)
Water & Wastewater Master Servicing Plan - Nov. 2008 (PDF, 96 MB)

Subwatershed Study

Scope: Subwatershed studies being undertaken in support of the Secondary Plan.
East Subwatershed Phase 1 & 2 Final Report (PDF, 52 MB)
West Subwatershed Phase 1 & 2 Final Report (PDF, 194 MB)
Phase 3: Implementation Report (PDF, 54 MB)

Stoney Creek Urban Boundary Expansion (SCUBE) Transportation Management Plan (2009)

Scope: To develop a Transportation Master Plan for the SCUBE area
SCUBE Area Transportation Master Plan (Phases 1 & 2) Study Report (PDF, 26 MB)

Watercourse 5 & 6 Municipal Class EA

Scope: To determine the watercourse system improvements of Watercourse 5 and 6 situated in the community of Stoney Creek.
Watercourse 5 & 6 EA Study Report (PDF, 35 MB)  |  Hydraulic Assessment - September 2010 (PDF, 55 MB)  |  Hydraulic Assessment - January 2011 (PDF, 77 MB)

Watercourse 7 Municipal Class EA

Scope: To determine the preferred watercourse system improvement solution for Watercourse No. 7 between Barton Street and Lake Ontario.
Watercourse 7 EA Study Report (PDF, 1.5 MB)  |  Appendices (PDF, 4 MB)

Public Information Centre #1
To be held June 17, 2021
To update you on changes to the cross section and alignment of both corridors.
PIC #1 Presentation (PDF, 10 MB) |  Barton Street Short-Listed Alternatives (1-3) (PDF, 687 KB)  |  Fifty Road and Highway 8 Intersection Options (PDF, 454 KB)  | Roll Out Plan (PDF, 11 MB)  | Comment Form (PDF, 208 KB)

Public Information Update No. 1
Held September 21, 2017
Introduction of the study, shared background information and begun to gather feedback.
Display panels (PDF, 4 MB) | Comment form (PDF, 68 KB)

Focus Group

The City believes that the advice of local residents, property owners and other stakeholders can enhance communication with the community and lead to more informed decisions. This Focus Group is one of the methods the City will use to provide input to elected representatives, staff and consultants with regard to the development of the preferred practical design for the Barton Street and Fifty Road EA. 

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