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Binbrook Village Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan

The City of Hamilton’s top traffic priority is to ensure safe and convenient access for individuals to meet their daily needs, therefore, we are conducting an in-depth traffic review in Binbrook Village.

With the goal of preparing a Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan (NTMP), the City’s Traffic Engineering Group will look at the following: 

  • Current traffic conditions
  • Identify problems and opportunities for improvement
  • Look at alternative treatments
  • Enhance safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists of all ages and abilities

Ensuring the safety of our roadways is an essential part of growing our City. As neighbourhoods grow, upgrading of infrastructure is a necessary part of our continued commitment to safe and convenient access for all members of the community.  

Binbrook Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan Study Area MapLocation map (PDF, 154 KB)

The City welcomes residents to have their say by  completing a survey, attending a Public Information Centre, and providing feedback.  This information with help develop an understanding of the impact and effectiveness of possible changes in the future to traffic management in Binbrook Village.

Public Information Centre #2
Held April 25, 2017
Presentation (PDF, 8 MB) | Online comment form

Public Information Centre #1
Held April 1, 2017
Presentation (PDF, 12MB) | Online comment form

An in-depth review, initiated by the City’s Traffic Engineering group, has begun with the goal of preparing a Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan.  

Steps for developing the plan are as follows:

  • Data collection and existing operating condition/ traffic speed monitoring across the study area
  • Conducting an online survey
  • Identifying traffic management solutions (this may include the identification of specific locations for traffic calming measures within the Study Area)
  • Public Information Centre #1
  • Public Information Centre #2. Concept plans presented during PIC #2.
  • Final documentation include:
    • summaries of the studies conducted
    • concept design plans for all proposed infrastructure measures
    • implementation recommendations and summaries of public engagement
  • March & April 2017: Data collection (including traffic monitoring and online community survey)
  • March & April 2017: Identification of possible traffic management solutions
  • April 2017: Draft concept plans
  • April 1, 2017: Public Information Centre #1
  • April 25, 2017: Public Information Centre #2
  • April & May 2017: Finalize concept plans
  • May 2017: Develop Binbrook Neighbourhood Transportation Management Plan, including a summary of the data collection and community input, concept design plans for all proposed infrastructure measures, and implementation recommendations

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Bryan Purins
Traffic Safety Technologist
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 1713
E-mail: [email protected]