Block Servicing ‎Strategies for Stoney Creek and Gordon Dean Class EA

The property owners within the Block 1 Servicing Strategy area (bounded by Highway No.8, Fruitland Road, Barton Street and just east of Jones Road), have initiated the Block 1 Servicing Strategy and a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) (Phase 3 and Phase 4 only) for Gordon Dean Avenue that will extended between Barton Street and Highway No.8 within the Block 1 Area.

Status: Active

Classification: Schedule C (Phases 3 and 4)

Location map for the Gordon Dean Avenue Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Phases 3 and 4), and Block 1 and 2 Servicing Strategies

Gordon Dean Avenue

In 2011, the City of Hamilton completed Phase 1 and 2 of the Class EA for Fruitland Road. At that time, the recommendation was that trucks use a new road, travelling north-south, east of the existing Fruitland Road between Highway 8 and Barton Street. Phase 3 of the assessment has now been completed, and alternative designs as well as the recommended preferred design will be reviewed.

Block 1, 2 & 3 Servicing Strategies

Block Servicing Strategies 1 and 2, are within the areas outlined by the Fruitland-Winona Secondary Plan (PDF, 537 KB) and include the layout of stormwater ponds, water and wastewater services and local road networks, within the updated natural heritage constraints. Block 2 Servicing Strategy is being conducted by the City of Hamilton.

Learn more about the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. While the Block Servicing Strategies follow the Class EA public consultation process; this process does not include a public appeal option.

Public consultation is an important part of the Class EA process and Block Servicing Strategies. 

Public Information Centre #2 for Blocks 1 & 2, Public Information Centre #1 for Block 3
Held June 8, 2017
Review the Block Servicing Draft Concept Plans.
Comment sheet (PDF, 76 KB)

Public Information Centre #1 for Blocks 1 & 2, Gordeon Dean Ave
Held April 4, 2017
Review the review the studies and Class EA design alternatives, and Block Servicing Draft Concept Plans. 
Comment sheet (DOC, 91 KB)

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Block 2
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Block 1 and Gordon Dean Class EA
Angelo Cutaia
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Block 3
Rob Merwin
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