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Centennial Neighbourhoods Transportation Management Plan

Notice of Study Completion

The City of Hamilton has completed the Transportation Management Plan of the Centennial Neighbourhood area following Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. The Transportation Management Plan has been coordinated with the Centennial Neighbourhoods Secondary Plan study.

Recommended solutions

The transportation management study recommended several transportation solutions including:

  • Improve traffic signal co-ordination and timings, including pedestrian walk times.
  • Implement traffic calming on local streets where speeding, cut-through traffic volumes, collisions and safety concerns are ascertained.
  • Undertake transit priority study to determine appropriate transit priority measures for Centennial Neighbourhoods following adoption of a potential new transit priority policy under the City-wide Transportation Master Plan.
  • Improve transit rider experience by developing City-wide guidelines for bus stop placement and design, including installing passenger amenity features.
  • Through the City-wide Annual Transit Service Plans, consider extending or modifying HSR bus routes in the study area
  • Extend rapid transit from the Eastgate Transit Hub to the Confederation GO Station. Transit Project Assessment Process required.
  • Implement Projects in the City of Hamilton’s Recreational Trails Master Plan. Additional studies required.
  • Create neighbourhood greenways to calm traffic and improve walking and cycling connections.
  • Construct missing sections of sidewalk along Lake Avenue, Centennial Parkway and local streets.
  • Provide cycling facilities on Nash Road, Lake Avenue, Warrington Street and a section of the South Service Road.
  • Develop a pedestrian / cycling route between Confederation Park and Battlefield House Museum.
  • Identify traffic calming measures to reduce cut-through traffic, speeding, collisions or safety concerns as part of development applications. Through future re-development of adjacent lands that support the Confederation GO Transit mobility hub, extend Goderich Road (with bikeway and sidewalks) to Kenora Avenue to support direct access. Additional studies to be undertaken.

Refer to the report for the complete study recommendations.

For public review

The Transportation Management Plan Report will be on public record for a minimum of 30 calendar days in accordance with the Municipal Class EA process. The “Review Period” will begin on May 11, 2018 and end on June 12, 2018.

Study Report

Wish to review in person? The Study Report is available for viewing at these 3 locations:

Office of the City Clerk
71 Main Street West
City Hall, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

City Centre
Public Works Department
77 James Street North, Suite 320
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3

Hamilton Public Library
Red Hill Branch
695 Queenston Road
Hamilton, Ontario, L8G 1A1

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The project was requested by the Community Planning section to support the Secondary Plan which will be developed for the area. The area was identified in the City Wide Secondary Plan Review as a:

  • high priority area for the development of a secondary plan, since it is the easterly terminus point for one of the city’s major corridors, the Main King Queenston Corridor
  • major destination for transit services, as well as the location of possible higher order transit in the future.
  • It is also identified as a Sub-Regional Service Node in the Urban Hamilton Official Plan Urban Structure.

The boundary of the Centennial Secondary Plan study area is preliminary and could change during the course of the secondary planning process.

Location: The Neighbourhood Transportation Master Plan (NTMP,) covers the area intended by the Secondary Plan and extends beyond it. The Centennial Neighbourhoods for the study are located east of downtown Hamilton, and are generally bound by:

  • the QEW and Confederation Park to the north
  • Queenston Road to the south
  • the Red Hill Expressway to the west
  • Lake Avenue to the east

The neighbourhood contains a mix of industrial, residential and commercial lands, with the centre of neighbourhood commerce being Eastgate Square at the intersection of Queenston Road and Centennial Parkway North. Metrolinx reference for GO stations identifies the planned Confederation Station on the northwest corner of Centennial Parkway North and Goderich Road as a bus and future train station; however “The Big Move” is under review 2014-2016 and may affect the status of this GO Station. 

Public Information Centre #3
To be held April 28, 2016
Presented the proposed future land use, intensification, and transportation changes to the area. Presentation (PDF, 6 MB) | Display panels (PDF, 7 MB)

Public Information Centre #2
Held December 1, 2015
Phase 2 of the Centennial Neighbourhoods Secondary Plan Study and Transportation Management Plan Study. Display panels (PDF, 1.3 MB)  | Worksheet (PDF, 45 KB)  | Comment sheet (DOC, 88 KB) | Consultation summary (PDF, 369 KB)

Public Information Centre #1
Held April 30, 2015
Initiated the Centennial Neighbourhoods Secondary Plan Study and Transportation Management Plan Study (Municipal Class Environmental Assessment). Display panels (PDF, 6.1 MB) |  Consultation summary (PDF, 305 KB)

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Mohan Philip
Project Manager
77 James Street North, Suite 400
Hamilton, Ontario
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 3438
Email: [email protected]