Master Plans & Class EAs

Cherry Beach Shoreline Protection

The City has completed a Class Environmental Project File Report to address erosion along the Cherry Beach Shoreline in Stoney Creek.

Work on this project began in 2007 to conduct a review of the erosion processes occurring on the Cherry Beach Shoreline. The review identified high erosion rates and a very steep bank with no established vegetation. As a result of the review, the City initiated the Municipal Class Environment Assessment or Class EA process to address any infrastructure required to protect the shoreline.

Location: Cherry Beach is located in the lower end of Stoney Creek on Lake Ontario, east of Millen Road. The study area is bounded by Lake Ontario to the north, Cherry Beach Road to the south and runs from west of  Private Road 1 to east of Private Road 3.

Study status: Class EA completed. Currently in the design and construction phrase.

Study Area of the Cherry Beach Shoreline Protection EA

Classification: Shoreline protection infrastructure requirements have been identified and completed under the Class EA as a Schedule “B” project, under the Municipal Class EA process.

Public Information Centre
Held May 3, 2012
Presented the findings to date and obtained feedback and public input into the evaluation and selection of alternative solutions. Display panels (PDF, 6.6 MB)


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