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Cormorant Road Extension

The City of Hamilton initiated the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for the extension of Cormorant Road. 

The purpose of the study was to assess and to determine the preferred alternative for the Cormorant Road extension to ensure a reliable second roadway access into the Ancaster Industrial Park.  

Study status: With the filing of the notice of completion, this has initiated the 30 day public review period. This is an opportunity for the public and agencies to review and comment on the revised environmental assessment documents. The 30 day public review period begins November 12, 2015 and closes on Friday, December 11, 2015.

Classification: Schedule B


Study Area of the Cormorant Road EA

The City of Hamilton commenced with the development of the Ancaster Industrial Park in the early 1980’s. The Ministry of Transportation granted a temporary access to the lands from Wilson Street. The temporary access was removed after the construction of a permanent entrance from Wilson Street (former Highway No. 2) via Tradewind Drive in the late 1980’s. All lots in the Ancaster Industrial Park, with the exception of those which front onto Trinity Road South and Shaver Road, currently rely on the Tradewind Drive for entrance/exit to the industrial park.

Public Information Centre
Held December 18, 2014
To provide information on the evaluation of the alternative options and to present the preferred alternative for the Cormorant Road extension. Display panels (PDF, 999 KB)

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