Master Plans & Class EAs

Garner/Rymal Road and Garth Street

The City of Hamilton initiated the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process to address the transportation needs for Garner Road/Rymal Road and Garth Street in response to recent land use and transportation planning studies that have documented
the justification for improvements in these corridors. 

These planning studies included: Meadowlands - Neighbourhoods 3,4 & 5 Class EA, South Mountain Transportation Master Plan, Airport Employment Growth District Study and Hamilton Truck Route Master Plan. Specific projects identified in these studies include:

  • Garner Road East - widen to 4 lanes in order to accommodate for traffic demands. Further, the eastbound left turn lane on Garner Road at Southcote Road will require an increase in left turn storage from 70m to 90m
  • Rymal Road (Glancaster Road to West 5th Street) - widen from 2 to 4/5 lanes in order to alleviate possible congestion across to Ancaster
  • Garth Street (Rymal Road West to Stonechurch Road West) - widen from 2 to 4 lanes. There may also be a need for left turn access (local)

Study Area for the Garner/Rymal Road and Garth Street EA

Study status: Complete. Currently in the design and construction phrase.

Classification: Schedule C

  • Garth Street (Rymal Road to Stonechurch Road) is in design and construction scheduled for 2015. 
  • Rymal Road (Garth Street to West 5th Street) is proposed for 2016 construction.
  • Rymal Road (Upper Paradise Street to Garth Street) is proposed for 2017 construction subject to budget approval.

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