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Glancaster Road (Dickenson Road to Garner Road) EA

The City of Hamilton is initiating the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process for Glancaster Road, between Dickenson and Garner Road, which is located within the Hamilton Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD)


The Hamilton AEGD Transportation Master Plan (PDF, 7 MB) classifies Glancaster Road as a North-South Arterial Roadway with a proposed widening from two to four lanes. The Current Right Of Way (ROW) varies, from 20m at Dickenson Road, in a saw tooth pattern, to 26m and 42m at intersection with Garner and the proposed Right-of-Way width of 37m. As part of the AEGD TMP work, conceptual cross-sections were developed.

  • Glancaster Road has been designed as an urban roadway; however, it will not be designed as a standard urban cross-section.
  • The AEGD cross-sections (pg. 125) incorporate vehicular, pedestrian, transit, goods movement and cycling needs, as well as drainage, recognizing conditions within the AEGD and unique objectives for this area.

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment is required before a road improvement strategy is selected and designed. The Hamilton Airport Employment Growth District: Transportation Master Plan fulfilled the requirements of Phase 1 and 2 of the Planning and Design process for an EA. The next step is to complete the Phases 3 and 4 EA to incorporate constraints identified as part of our study, provide and evaluate alternative solutions, and incorporate public consultation requirements.

Status: Active

Classification: Phase 3 and 4

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