Master Plans & Class EAs

Highway 5 Grindstone Creek Utility Relocation

The City has initiated the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment or Class EA process for the relocation of utilities located on the Highway 5 bridge spanning Grindstone Creek and the Canadian Pacific Railway in Waterdown. 

Preferred alternative

To relocate existing utilities to a separate Utility Bridge in advance of the existing bridge rehabilitation, which would allow for an expedited rehabilitation of the existing bridge.

The primary advantages for this alternative include:

  • reduced bridge closure time during rehabilitation thereby minimizing impact to businesses, residents and commuters
  • ease of long term operation and maintenance of utilities as they will be more accessible on a new separate utility bridge
  • the lowest capital cost of the three alternatives that are being considered
  • relatively low construction risks
  • less impact on groundwater
  • no need for property acquisition
  • ease of construction, which satisfies the requirements for the relocation of utilities while balancing the social, environmental and economic considerations

Study Area for the Grindstone Creek Highway 5 Utility Relocation EA

Study status: Complete

Classification: Schedule B

Public Information Centre No. 1
Date:  November 5, 2015
Provided an opportunity for participants to review and provide comments on the work completed to
date for this project.
Resources:  Display panels (PDF, 503 KB)   | Comment sheet (DOC, 53 KB)

Public Information Centre No. 2
: May 3, 2016
Provided an opportunity for participants to review and comment on the potential alternatives and preferred alternative for this project.
Resources:  Display Panels (PDF, 720 KB) | Comment sheet (DOC, 59 KB) 

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