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King Street West (Dundas) Bridge EA

The City of Hamilton has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process to facilitate bridge rehabilitation works on the King Street West (Dundas) Bridge #248.

The EA documentation will:

  • include the problem/opportunity statement
  • generate and assess alternative planning solutions, such as repairing or replacing the bridge
  • document the natural, historical, technical, socio-economic and cultural environments in the area
  • identify the preferred alternative based on input through the study consultation activities

Location: The King Street West Bridge is located on King Street West in Dundas between Bond Street and Woodleys Lane.

Study status: Completed

Classification: Schedule B (additional works, if needed will be determined as part of the study process)

Location map of the King Street Bridge #248 in Dundas

Public Information Centre #1
Held February 1, 2017
Presented and evaluated the alternative solutions, provided preliminary recommended alternative solution.
Presentation (PDF, 11 MB) | Comment sheet (PDF, 95 KB)

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