Master Plans & Class EAs

Longwood Road

The City of Hamilton completed the Kirkendall Traffic Management Plan which reviewed the neighbourhood transportation issues and identified traffic management options to address the issues. This study identified the need to initiate the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process to address the long term needs of Longwood Road.

Those long term needs identified were to provide a four lane cross-section on Longwood Road with the provision of:

  • sidewalks and bicycle lanes on both sides
  • two new intersections into the McMaster Innovation Park development
  • maintain a 3 lane cross section on the Longwood Road Bridge
  • meeting the right-of-way requirement  of 36 m on Longwood Road

Location: The study area is Longwood Road between Main Street and Aberdeen Avenue.  The intersection of Longwood Road and Aberdeen Avenue will be studied to determine what type of intersection will be required at this location.

Map of the Longwood Road EA

Study status: Completed

Classification: Schedule C

During the Kirkendall Traffic Management Plan the intersection of Aberdeen Avenue and Longwood Road were reviewed. 

After the evaluation of alternatives it was determined that a roundabout was the preferred alternative as it would provide:

  • safer operating conditions
  • better network connectivity
  • gateway opportunities
  • fewer maintenance requirements. 

As the Ministry of Transportation was not supportive of this alternative at the time, the City chose the more conventional intersection at this location. Since that time the Ministry of Transportation is willing to consider the roundabout alternative more favourably. This study will revisit the roundabout alternative with involvement from the Ministry of Transportation.

The City of Hamilton is aggressively targeting transportation mode use and is emphasizing that persons walk more and therefore the City should ensure that streets are more pedestrian friendly. This will mean that, in some cases, wider boulevards, possibly wider sidewalks and regard for barrier free design guidelines be utilized. Good pedestrian connections between adjacent land uses and pedestrian generators (jobs, transit, schools, residential areas, commercial areas, parks pathways, etc.) should be considered. To address these issues the City will be completing a streetscape design for Longwood Road in coordination with this EA.

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