Master Plans & Class EAs

Longwood Streetscape Master Plan

As directed by the policies of the West Hamilton Innovation District Secondary Plan and guided by the recommendations of the Longwood Road Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, the City of Hamilton is preparing a Streetscape Master Plan for Longwood Road South as defined by the limits of the EA.

Location: The study area is Longwood Road South between Main Street West and Aberdeen Avenue. The study area will also address a portion of Aberdeen Avenue from Longwood Road to the Canadian Pacific Bridge.

Status: Project has been placed on hold.


The Streetscape Master Plan is one of several design initiatives by the City of Hamilton for public realm improvements.

The Streetscape Master Plan will:

  • provide a broad design strategy and context for future physical improvements in the public realm such as the public road right-of-way and other publicly owned spaces.
  • provide guidance and design principles for key spaces that may not be within the public realm but have great impact on the public realm and the overall success of this initiative.

The Streetscape Master Plan contributes urban design principles and guidance on the ultimate design of Longwood Road by implementing the: 

  • policies of the West Hamilton Innovation District (WHID) Secondary Plan
  • provisions of the Longwood Road EA and the McMaster Innovation Park Master Plan.
  1. To achieve the Council adopted vision of the City of Hamilton “to be the best place in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and provide diverse economic opportunities”
  2. To implement the planned vision for Longwood Road, as outlined in the Secondary Plan (WHID) and the Longwood Road EA.
  3. To recognize the important civic role of Longwood Road within the City and provide options for streetscaping founded on good urban design and planning principles, and practices that emphasize creating a safe, inviting, comfortable, transit supportive, and pedestrian friendly public realm that encourages walking and cycling, greening of the streets, and place-making, with consideration to the existing and proposed built-form.
  4. To create a gateway experience and marker from the Highway 403 entrance into the City and to the important institutional and employment destinations including McMaster Innovation Park, McMaster University, West Hamilton, and Downtown Hamilton.
  5. To strengthen connectivity for all citizens between the surrounding neighbourhoods, institutional, employment, and commercial uses in the area.

Public Information Centre for the EA
Held March 21, 2014
Attendees were invited to write down the top three strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats pertaining to this streetscape master plan and the public realm. Display panels (PDF, 2.5 MB)