Master Plans & Class EAs

Mid-Spencer Creek/Greensville Rural Settlement Area Subwatershed Study

The City of Hamilton has initiated a Subwatershed and Class Environmental Assessment study for the Mid-Spencer Creek and Greensville Rural Settlement Area (PDF, 184 KB). Residents in the Greensville RSA and the subwatershed are currently serviced by private septic systems and groundwater-sourced municipal communal, private communal or individual wells.

The study will set a management strategy for:

  • surface water such as streams and stormwater
  • groundwater
  • community servicing such as water and septic
  • natural areas such as wetlands and woodlots

Location: There are two distinct study areas for this project, the Greensville Rural Settlement Area or RSA and the Mid-Spencer Creek Subwatershed. Both are located within the Spencer Creek watershed, a majority of which is located within the western portion of the City of Hamilton.

Study status: Complete

Classification: Master Plan (Approach 1)

Greensville Map Study


Preferred Alternative Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Schedule
Municipal Backup Well Schedule C
Stormwater Wet Ponds Schedule B

Public Information Centre No. 2
Held January 22, 2015
Presented the evaluation of the alternative solutions and identified the recommended solutions. Display panels (PDF, 2 MB)

Public Information Centre No. 1
Held November 21, 2007
Provided a forum for community members to learn about the project, clarify their interests and potential concerns, meet members of the Project Team, and provide input about their concerns and interests related to the project. Display panels (PDF, 8.4 MB) Summary Report (PDF, 216 KB) 

Community Liaison Committee
Provided a forum for in-depth discussion of project issues within a representative group of community leaders and interested citizens. The CLC assisted the City and its consultants to solicit and receive public input, identify contentious issues and gauge public response.
Terms of Reference (PDF, 206 KB), Newsletter (PDF, 184 KB)


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