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North End Traffic Management Plan

A traffic management study was conducted for the North End Neighbourhood according to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment planning process

The purpose of the study was to identify and resolve neighbourhood traffic and transportation problems through the application of traffic improvement measures. This plan was integrated with the West Harbour Secondary Plan.

Location: The North End Neighbourhood is bounded by Hamilton Harbour to the north and west, Wellington Street to the East and CN rail tracks to the south. 

Study status: Active

Classification: Schedule B

In 2007, a final North End Traffic Management Plan (NETMP) was approved by council and was subsequently appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board by representatives of the North End neighbourhood to provide additional traffic calming measures and to provide a blanket speed limit change of 30km/h to all streets within the neighbourhood.

In December, 2012 the OMB rendered a decision in favour of the Council approved plan. The OMB found that the City's NETMP best handles matters of traffic speed, management, and calming and the OMB orders that the appeal by the North End Neighbours be dismissed.

Implementation of the NETMP is set to begin in June 2013 and will be phased in between then and 2015. Some “Quick Win” implementation projects include:

  • June 18, 2013: Conversion of MacNab Street from one-way to two-way directional travel flow between Cannon and Burlington Streets.
  • Early August 2013: Temporary neighbourhood gateway signs will be erected at strategic locations identified in the plan, plus an additional gateway sign attached to the Bunge pipeline bridge over Burlington Street.
  • Early August 2013: Installation of 30 km/h speed limit signs on all streets in the North End neighbourhood with the exception of James and Burlington Streets.
  • Right-turn restriction at Wellington Street onto Simcoe Street.
  • Early September 2013: Installation of high visibility crosswalks at various locations.
  • Early October 2013: Installation of temporary traffic calming measures such as chokers (i.e. lane narrowing) and curb extensions at various locations.

Public Information Centre No. 3
Held June 26, 2007
Display panels (PDF, 1.2 MB) Presentation (PDF, 256 KB) Comment Form (PDF, 19 KB) Meeting Notes and Written Comments (PDF, 582 KB)

Public Information Centre No. 2
Held December 7, 2006
Display panels (PDF, 1 MB) Comment Summary (PDF, 48 KB) North End Neighbours (NEN) Alternative (PDF, 313 KB) 

Public Information Centre No. 1
Held May 1, 2006
Display panels (PDF, 1.8 MB) Comment Summary (PDF, 77 KB)

Community Advisory Meeting 1
Held July 20, 2006
Presentation (PDF, 1 MB) Community and Agency Advisory Committee Application Form (PDF, 481 KB)

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