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Old Dundas Road Sewage Pumping Station (HC005) Master Plan

The City of Hamilton invoked the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for the Old Dundas Road Sewage Pumping Station (HC005) in order to determine the preferred alternative to alleviate basement and street level flooding occurring within the study area during significant precipitation and snowmelt events.

Prior to commencing the EA, field investigations including sanitary manhole inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring, and computer modelling and analysis were completed in 2013. These investigations were undertaken to determine the causes and extent of flooding in the study area. It was determined that stormwater and groundwater are infiltrating significantly into the sanitary sewer system. As a result of excess infiltration/inflow, the sanitary sewer system and the Old Dundas Road Sewage Pumping Station (HC005) are unable to convey flows during significant precipitation events. As a result, basements in the area have flooded several times in recent years and sewage has discharged at street level at the sanitary manhole at the intersection of Old Dundas Road and Montgomery Drive.

Study status: EA completed

Classification: Master Plan (Approach 2) and Class EA

Map of Old Dundas Road Sewage Pumping Station

Preferred Alternative Solutions include the following list of projects:

  • Private Property Works (project falls outside the MCEA process) – Study Phase
  • Public Property Works (Schedule A) – Study Phase
  • Inline/Offline Storage (Schedule A+) – Design Phase
  • Emergency Overflow (Schedule C) – Study Phase

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