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Parking Master Plan

Promotion for Parking Master Plan

Hamilton Municipal Parking System (HMPS) was created in 1998 when the Parking Authority Board was dissolved, and paid parking operations were integrated with other city parking services. HMPS is currently responsible for the:

  • operation of all paid on and off-street parking facilities including 61 surface parking lots, 2 parking structures and 2,700 metered parking spaces
  • creation and maintenance of all Parking By-Laws
  • enforcement of the Parking By-Laws

Continued development, growth, and increasing density in Hamilton are leading to several challenges, including:

  • balancing downtown parking needs with redevelopment of surface parking lots
  • balancing parking supply needs with encouragement of more sustainable transportation modes
  • meeting paid parking demand
  • planning for new mobility technologies
  • maintaining a self-sustainable financial model for HMPS

The Parking Master Plan provides an opportunity to review these challenges, as well as the existing permit and enforcement standards.

What is the purpose of the Parking Master Plan? To provide direction for a coordinated, strategic approach to parking policy, planning, financial sustainability and enforcement for the City of Hamilton that will align with other city-wide policies related to transportation and land use planning. IBI Group has been retained by the City to complete the Parking Master Plan.

About the study

Developed in consultation with the public, Business Improvement Areas, and other vital stakeholder groups, the key objectives of the Parking Master Plan are to:

  • strategically connect parking with land use planning, Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Transit and other ‘city building’ initiatives
  • create a framework to update old policies using a ‘best practices’ approach with a focus on customer service
  • develop strategies which support business and economic development
  • provide options for transition from surface lots to structured parking
  • review the current financial model to ensure sustainability

The Consultation Plan describes the timing and means of communicating with the public, agencies, and other stakeholders throughout the study. IBI Group will consult stakeholder groups and members of the public in three phases over the course of the project:

  • Phase 1: near the beginning of the study to obtain feedback regarding existing parking operations, knowledge of existing issues, and desired study outcomes.
  • Phase 2: present the study’s preliminary findings to the public and relevant stakeholders. Feedback will be collected, which will be used to refine and finalize the study conclusions and recommendations.
  • Phase 3: at the end of the study to summarize the findings and recommendations in the Study Report and present them to City Council for approval.

The intent of this Consultation Plan is to present and confirm the public and stakeholder consultation approach, and to ensure that a thorough and coordinated consultation process is in place for the duration of the study.

Public Consultation Meeting #1
Introduced of the project and began collecting feedback from residents.
Held January 22, 2020
Display panels (PDF, 3 MB)

Public Consultation Meeting #2
Presenting feedback from the first round of stakeholder engagement and data collection of the project, and sharing guiding principles/recommendations to ensure future sustainability of the Hamilton Municipal Parking System.

City Staff and IBI Group will share the study’s preliminary recommendations to address the following challenges:

  • Providing the right amount of parking while encouraging more sustainable modes of transportation;
  • Updating outdated permit and enforcement policies that do not fit the changing downtown core or new residential communities;
  • Planning for the impacts of new forms of transportation and the digitization of the parking operation.

Status of Parking Master Plan:

  • Phase 1 - Completed: we assessed existing conditions, reviewed best practices and had our initial public consultation with stakeholders in regards to the Hamilton Municipal Parking System.
  • Phase 2 - Completed: we have forecasted future scenarios, identified general principles and are now commencing our second round of public consultation.
  • Phase 3 - Current: we are looking to collect feedback on the draft final Parking Master Plan recommendations by all stakeholders which will shape the final plan received by Council.

Established Guiding Principles for Discussion:

  • Implement fair and transparent pricing policies
  • Meet existing and future parking demand
  • Support sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Prepare for an uncertain future

The information collected from Public Information Consultation Meeting #2 will help to summarize the recommendations to be described in the final report written to Council in Fall 2021.


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