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Piers 5-8 Sewage Pumping Facilities

With the approval of the Setting Sail Secondary Plan and the proposed land use of Pier 8 the City of Hamilton is currently reviewing the existing infrastructure to determine if it addresses current needs and will meet the future growth needs of the area. Piers 5 to 8 are currently serviced by a number of sewage pumping facilities. Operational deficiencies have been identified with the existing pumping station that services the development located on the west and north end of Pier 8. 

The objectives of the EA will be to:

  • review and compare alternative solutions for the rehabilitation of existing pumping station facilities or the construction of new pumping station(s).
  • review alternative locations for new pumping station(s) and associated sewage forcemain(s) to identify the preferred solution which may include the decommissioning of existing sewage pumping facilities.

Study status: Completed

Classification: Schedule B

Public Information Centre No. 2
Held January 6, 2014
Provide the public and review agencies an opportunity to provide input and comment on the recommended alternative solution and evaluation process. Presentation (PDF, 4 MB) Display panels (PDF, 10 MB)

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