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Pipeline Trail Master Plan

The Pipeline Trail has been identified as an integral support to the health and well-being of the residents of East Hamilton and leader in environmental stewardship. The Trail will encourage various recreational activities, like walking and cycling and offer safe, visible connections to other urban trails, parks and commercial corridors. The Trail should run the length of the pipeline, from Main Street East to Woodward Avenue, with marked connections to parks and urban trails at the escarpment and waterfront.

Master Plan Document

The Pipeline Trail Master Plan describes the re-creation and enhancement of a corridor that is 6 kilometres in length and 20 meters in width. The intent of this Master Plan is to provide guidance toward realizing an urban trail that reflects the spirit, history, and nature of the community where it resides. 

Information Report to Public Works Committee: Residential Encroachments onto the Pipeline Trail Corridor
Held July 8, 2020
An Information Report was brought to Committee outlining existing encroachment and safety issues along the Pipeline Trail corridor, and outlining the City’s strategy for dealing with these issues.
Public Works Committee Agenda and Minutes
Information Report (PDF, 165.7 KB)

Public Meeting
Held September 19, 2015
Final Master Plan was presented.
Presentation (PDF, 17 MB) Display panels (PDF, 67 MB)

Community Consultation
Held June 25, 2015
Looking for feedback on how the public is utilizing the existing portion of the Pipeline Trail and how they would like this trail to look in the future. Presentation (PDF, 8 MB) Display panels (PDF, 28 MB)

Public Meeting
Held May 14, 2015
A preliminary design was presented at the meeting through a power point presentation and a series of panels. Residents and staff provided comments on interests and concerns. Display panels (PDF, 13 MB) Presentation (PDF, 8.9 MB)

Public Meeting
Held February 21, 2015
The initial meeting was an informative and interactive bus tour that focussed on key points along the trail, encouraging residents to provide feedback for the consultant to consider during the design stages.

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