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Recreational Trails Master Plan

The goal of the City of Hamilton's Recreational Master Plan is to guide the development of a connected, comprehensive, accessible and sustainable multiuse trails network throughout the City of Hamilton and to surrounding communities to improve health and wellness for pedestrians, cyclists and trail users

This updated Recreational Trails Master Plan includes recommendations that aim to accomplish the following:

  • Integrate components of the existing recreational trail system, including those planned in the 2007 report;
  • Propose new trail initiatives and incorporate them with existing trail initiatives. This will help to alleviate gaps in the overall trails system;
  • Integrate new trail accesses, routes, and crossings with existing conditions and planned City infrastructure projects (e.g.
    Highway 403, Lincoln Alexander Parkway, Red Hill Valley Parkway, waterfront, Niagara Escarpment, GO transit stations);
  • Complement the City’s transportation system to support multi-modal mobility;
  • Encourage inter-regional trail connections;
  • Strengthen partnerships with other trail organizations and groups;
  • Continue to build upon physical, economic, sustainable, and environmental design standards;
  • Further develop maintenance and management standards;
  • Identify new trail amenities to provide a better user experience;
  • Priority recommendations for implementation and development; and
  • Integrate off-road trails with the planned on-road cycling networks to better address broader community land use and transportation goals and objectives.

Recreational Trails Master Plan (2016)

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