Master Plans & Class EAs

Rymal Road Planning Area Study (ROPA 9)

The City of Hamilton has completed the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process to assess the transportation needs for the Rymal Road Planning Area. 

Amendment No. 9 to the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth Official Plan (ROPA 9) redesignated approximately 190 hectares (470 acres) of land in this area, to allow urban development. 

Location: Located on the south side of Rymal Road East (Highway No. 53), east of Trinity Church Road, west of Regional Road 56, and north of the hydro corridor, in the former Township of Glanbrook. Special Policy Area ‘C’ is also included in the study and is bounded by Mud Street West to the north, Paramount Drive to the south, Winterberry Drive to the east, and the Mud Street/Red Hill Creek interchange to the west.

Study status: Active

Classification: Master Plan

The study recommends several transportation solutions:

  • Schedule A projects are pre-approved and may proceed to implementation.
  • Schedule C projects will proceed to Phase 3 and 4 of the planning and design process:
    • Trinity Church Arterial Corridor: a new road link from Stone Church Rd/Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) ramps to Rymal Road –  Phase 3 and 4 Complete
    • Trinity Neighbourhood Collector: a new collector road in the Trinity Neighbourhood, between Rymal Road and Highland Road – Active (On-hold)
    • Special Policy Area “C” Transportation Improvements: Widen Stone Church Rd to 4 lanes from the RHVP ramps to Upper Mount Albion Road – Phase 3 and 4 Complete
    • Rymal Road and RR #56 Transportation Improvements (ROPA 9 Planning Area): widen Rymal Road from Trinity Church Road to Regional Rd and widen Regional Rd 56 from Rymal Road to approximately 900 m to the south – Phase 3 and 4 Complete
  • Once complete, the City intends to proceed with implementation (Phase 5)

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