Master Plans & Class EAs

Truck Route Master Plan

Virtually all materials now consumed in Hamilton reach their final destination by truck. The characteristics of transportation in Hamilton have changed over the years with reduced emphasis on heavy industry in the north-east quadrant of the lower city and with the implementation of major transportation facilities such as the Lincoln Alexander Parkway / Red Hill Valley Parkway system.

Hamilton’s Truck Route Master Plan (PDF,11 MB) is intended to recommend a truck route network, and the policies and implementation strategy that will assist the City in managing the truck route network over the next five years. It provides recommendations for future action, policies for truck route signage, and a methodology for dealing with truck route network issues in the future.

The purpose of the Truck Route Master Plan is:

  • to support safe and timely movement of goods and services
  • recognize and try to limit the impacts of truck traffic on the interests of the greater community such as safety, congestion, noise, and air quality