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Upper Wellington Street (Limeridge Road East to Stone Church Road East)

The City of Hamilton has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study for improvements to Upper Wellington Street, between Limeridge Road East and Stone Church Road East.

This study is building on the recommendations of the South Mountain Area Transportation Master Plan (2000; reviewed in 2006) and City of Hamilton Transportation Master Plan (2007; reviewed and updated in 2018), which identified the need for road widening improvements within the study area. These previously completed planning studies satisfied the requirements of Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for these improvements.

The current study will confirm the problem/opportunity statement, and confirm the road cross-section, number and location of travel and turning lanes, traffic control requirements, intersection design elements and improvements, and active transportation requirements. Later stages of the study will include identification and evaluation of alternative designs, and identification of a recommended design.

Currently between Limeridge Road and Towercrest Drive/Sirente Drive there are two lanes of vehicular traffic in each direction, and sidewalks on both sides of the road. Between Towercrest Drive/Sirente Drive and Stone Church Road East there is one lane of vehicular traffic in each direction, and an asphalt path on the west side of the road.

Location: Upper Wellington Street (Limeridge Road East to Stone Church Road East)

Study status: Active

Classification: Schedule C

Map of the Upper Wellington Street EA

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