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Valley Inn Bridge

Valley Inn Road Bridge MapThe existing Valley Inn Bridge carries a pedestrian trail over Carroll’s Bay Marsh and is located 535m east of York Boulevard, at the boundary between Hamilton and Burlington. The Valley Inn Bridge is next to the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG).

Stantec completed a Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report (CHER) for this bridge in 2017 and found that the bridge has moderate heritage value.

Project Overview

Due to the age (>40 years of age) and recognized heritage value of the existing structure, the City of Hamilton with the support of the City of Burlington has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) study to review alternative solutions for improvements to the Valley Inn Bridge.

Alternative solutions to be considered include: do nothing, repair or replace the existing bridge.

The study will include a review of existing natural, socio-economic and cultural heritage conditions within the study area. A Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment will be completed within the study area. A Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment (CHIA) is also required to determine the impacts to the bridge and identify appropriate mitigation measures.

Construction Update

The City of Hamilton officially began work to replace the Valley Inn pedestrian bridge, a connecting link between Hamilton and Burlingtonon January 4, 2022. Construction is expected to wrap up by Sunday, March 20, 2022, weather permitting. As a reminder, there continues to be no access to Valley Inn Rd or the pedestrian bridge after they were closed in 2009 and 2019, respectively.

MCEA Process

This study will complete Phases 1 and 2 of the EA process as documented in the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Municipal Class EA document (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015).

  • Study status: Complete
  • Classification: Schedule B (Phases 1 and 2)

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