Waterdown/Aldershot Transportation Master Plan

The Waterdown/Aldershot Transportation Master Plan or WATMP is being conducted by the City of Hamilton, the City of Burlington and Halton Region (the Project Partners).

The Master Plan identifies a future transportation network that will service urban development in the community of Waterdown.

Study status: Completed

Classification: Master Plan
North-South Road Class EA - Phases 3 & 4
East-West Road Class EA - Phases 3 & 4

Locations of road improvements (PDF, 303 KB)

North-South/Waterdown Road Corridor Class EA

The Waterdown Road Corridor Class EA has received conditional approval from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The conditions are:

  • Carrying out monitoring studies and mitigation for Species at Risk during all phases of construction as outlined in the Environment Study Report;
  • Consulting with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Conservation Halton, to implement recommendations that ensure impacts to Sassafras-Waterdown Woods are minimized or mitigated;
  • Obtaining required authorizations under Species at Risk Act (2007) before commencing constructions; and
  • Developing a Wildlife Road Crossing Safety Plan for the Project.

The Cities of Hamilton and Burlington are now proceeding with detail design of Waterdown Road.

50% Design of Waterdown Road

The City of Burlington, City of Hamilton and Halton Region have presented the 50% Design of Waterdown Road. You can view the information presented under Public consultation on this page.

The proposed construction will consist of the following works:

  • Road widening to accommodate an ultimate 4 lane cross section. The road will be striped as a 3 lanes cross section until traffic volumes increase.
  • Installation of curb and gutter and a multi-use pathway on the west side
  • Storm sewer installation
  • New traffic signal at Waterdown Road and Mountain Brow Road
  • New street lighting
  • Watermain replacement (Includes watermain replacement on Flatt Road and Ireson Road)

East-West Road Corridor Class EA

The East-West Road Corridor Class EA has received full approval from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The City of Hamilton is now proceeding with detail design.

Public Information Centre #1 - 50% Design of Waterdown Road
Held May 26, 2016
Provided an opportunity to review and comment on the project drawings, review potential property and driveway implications and discuss any potential disruptions that may be caused from the construction.
Display panels (PDF, 7 MB) | Presentation (PDF, 4 MB) | Comment sheet (PDF, 513 KB)

50% Design Plans

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