Employment Land Review

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The City of Hamilton is undergoing a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) to fullfill the requirements of the provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Growth Plan). As a part of the MCR, the City is conducting a review of designated Employment Land to determine if any lands warrant conversion to a non-employment use. 

Not sure if you are lands are designated as Employment Land? View Schedule E-1 of the Urban Hamilton Official Plan to see what your land is designated as. Lands within the recently approved Airport Employment Growth District will not be considered for conversion to non-employment uses.

Policies and criteria for conversion

The policies of the Provincial Growth Plan only permit conversion of employment uses to non-employment uses through a Municipal Comprehensive Review. Special evaluation criteria are also used to determine if a conversion is appropriate.

Provincial Growth Plan

Policy of the Growth Plan states that:

The conversion of lands within employment areas or prime employment areas to non-employment uses may be permitted only through a municipal comprehensive review where it is demonstrated that:

a. There is a need for the conversion;
b. The lands are not required over the horizon of this Plan for the employment purposes for which they are designated;
c. The municipality will maintain sufficient employment lands to accommodate forecasted employment growth to the horizon of this Plan;
d. The proposed uses would not adversely affect the overall viability of the employment area or prime employment area or the achievement of the minimum intensification and density targets in this Plan, as well as the other policies of this Plan; and
e. There are existing or planned infrastructure and public service facilities to accommodate the proposed uses.

Additional criteria

In accordance with the Growth Plan policy, the City has established additional criteria to be used in evaluating potential conversion lands:

  1. Site(s) are mixed use blocks and located along the edges of employment areas;
  2. Conversion of the site(s) will not adversely affect the long-term viability and function of the employment areas;
  3. Conversion of the site(s) will not compromise any other planning policy objectives of the City, including planned commercial functions;
  4. Conversion of the site(s) will be beneficial to the community through its contribution to the overall intent and goals of the City’s policies and demands on servicing and infrastructure;
  5. Conversion of the site(s) will not negatively affect the long-term viability of existing employment uses, including large, stand-alone facilities;
  6. Conversion of the site(s) will not create incompatible land uses, including a consideration of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Land Use Planning guidelines (D-series guidelines); and,
  7. Conversion of the site(s) will result in a more logical land use boundary for an employment area.

How to submit your site for consideration

As part of this review, the City invites you to submit a request for sites currently designated Employment Land to be considered for possible conversion to a non-employment use. These requests will be evaluated against the above criteria. 

With each submission, you will need to include:

  • property description (include address and past/current uses)
  • rationale for conversion request, such as: How does the request satisfy the criteria? What is the proposed use of the site if not employment?

Deadline for submission: Friday, September 15, 2017

You can submit your request by email or in person to:

Heather Travis
City Hall, 4th floor
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 4168
​Email: heather.travis@hamilton.ca

Catherine Parsons
City Hall, 4th floor
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2634
​Email: catherine.parsons@hamilton.ca

As part of the review of any submissions, city staff may require the owner/applicant to submit additional supporting documentation and/or studies which may require preparation by a Qualified Professional.These studies may include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning Justification Report
  • Land Use Compatibility Study
  • Noise Impact Studies (Noise Feasibility and/or Detailed Noise Study)
  • Odour Impact Assessment

The cost for the preparation of these studies will be the responsibility of owner/applicant.

Note: There is no guarantee that the submission of a request, or the preparation of the additional studies, will result in a recommendation to convert the subject lands. Only lands along the edges of employment areas will be considered through this conversion analysis. Lands at the heart of employment areas are not considered for conversion. Lands that fall within the Airport Employment Growth District will not be submitted for conversion

Next steps

Additional opportunities for public engagement will occur at the Public Information Centres for GRIDS 2, which are tentatively scheduled for Fall 2017.

Should there be any sites identified as suitable for conversion to non-employment uses, these sites will be included in a Recommendation Report to Planning Committee in Spring 2018.