GRIDS 2 and Municipal Comprehensive Review

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Logo for the GRIDS 2 projectThe City of Hamilton is starting an update to its Growth Management Strategy, to be known as GRIDS 2.  The City will also be completing a Municipal Comprehensive Review concurrently with GRIDS 2.

What is GRIDS?

In 2006, City Council approved the first Growth Related Integrated Development Strategy (GRIDS) (PDF, 28 MB). GRIDS was an integrated planning process that identified a broad land use structure, associated infrastructure, economic development strategy and financial implications for growth options to serve Hamilton for 30 years. GRIDS planned for growth up to 2031. 

In 2013, the Province of Ontario adopted Amendment No. 2 to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe to include new employment and population forecasts to the year 2041.

The forecasts for Hamilton identify that there will be an increase of:

  • 100,000 people: for a total population of 780,000 people
  • 40,000 jobs: for a total employment of 350,000 jobs

GRIDS needs to be updated to plan for the additional jobs and persons beyond 2031 (to 2041) and to determine the impact on the Infrastructure Master Plans. This update will be known as GRIDS 2.

What is the Municipal Comprehensive Review?

A municipal comprehensive review (MCR) is a requirement of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) at the time of an Official Plan review, and must be completed prior to any expansion of the urban boundary. 

Many of the studies that are required as part of the MCR are also required as part of GRIDS 2. Therefore, the City has determined that it is appropriate to combine GRIDS 2 and the MCR into one integrated process, resulting in a transparent and straightforward process in which to involve stakeholders and citizens.

One component of the MCR is the Employment Land Review which is currently underway.

Staff reports

Projects timeline

  • Fall 2016: GRIDS 2/MCR project commences
  • Winter/Spring/Summer 2017: Background work, including Residential Intensification Update and Employment Lands Review
  • Fall 2017: Major Transit Station Area Planning, Residential Intensification Strategy, Background work on MCR 
  • Winter 2018: Public Information Centres (round 1)
  • Spring 2018: Land Budget, Evaluation of Growth Options (if required), Public Information Centres (round 2)
  • Summer 2018: Public Information Centres (round 3)

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