Review of the Existing Residential “ER” Zone in Ancaster

Pilot project - Building new larger homes in Ancaster's mature neighbourhoods

Council has directed staff to review the Existing Residential “ER” Zone in Ancaster to determine how to manage the building of new residential homes in mature areas. Review a map of the Existing ER Zones in Ancaster (PDF, 4 MB)

Ancaster is one of many municipalities facing change where larger homes are replacing smaller ones that were built decades before. Mature neighbourhoods are different from new growth areas such as Meadowlands, not only in how they look and feel but how redevelopment is regulated. 

The goal of planning is to allow for redevelopment that is sensitive to the existing and planned character. The evolution of mature neighbourhoods is important and zoning regulations should address the appropriate redevelopment of mature areas.

Next steps

Feedback from the information session will be used to inform Council’s decision on new residential zoning in Ancaster and across the city.

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