Rural Hamilton Official Plan

The Rural Hamilton Official Plan applies to the lands in the rural area of the City.

Adopted by Council: September 27, 2006  MMAH Approved: December 24, 2006  Effective Date: March 7, 2012

The Official Plan is divided into three volumes:

Describes the context of the Plan, a vision for our community, city-wide designations and policies, rural designations and policies,  infrastructure and community service policies, as well as policies dealing with environmental issues such as water/air quality, noise and vibration, natural systems and implementation policies.


Parent Policies which contain policies and mapping for land uses on a rural wide basis; supporting policies on natural and cultural heritage, transportation, infrastructure and community services.

Chapter A - Introduction (PDF, 154 KB)
Chapter B - Communities (PDF, 290 KB)
Chapter C - City Wide Systems and Designations (PDF, 501 KB)
Chapter D - Rural Systems, Designations and Resources (PDF, 234 KB)
Chapter E -  Urban Systems and Designations (see the Urban Hamilton Official Plan)
Chapter F - Implementation (PDF, 399 KB)
Chapter G - Glossary (PDF, 217 KB)

Schedules to Plan

Schedule A - Provincial Plans (PDF, 6.65 MB)
Schedule B - Natural Heritage System (PDF, 11.33 MB)
Schedule B-1 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Life Science ANSI (PDF, 7.13 MB)
Schedule B-2 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Significant Woodlands (PDF, 8 MB)
Schedule B-3 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Alvar and Tallgrass Prairie (PDF, 7 MB)
Schedule B-4 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Key Hydrologic Features (PDF,8.1 MB)
Schedule B-5 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Lakes and Littoral Zones (PDF, 7.34 MB)
Schedule B-6 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Environmentally Significant Areas (PDF, 7.1 MB)
Schedule B-7 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Local Natural Area Earth Science ANSI (PDF, 7.1 MB)
Schedule B-8 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Key Hydrologic Features Streams (PDF, 7.62 MB)
Schedule C - Rural Functional Road Classification (PDF, 957 KB)
Schedule C-1 - Future Right-of-Way Dedications (PDF, 95 KB)
Schedule D - Rural Land Use Designations (PDF, 20 MB)
Schedule E - Urban Structure (see the Urban Hamilton Official Plan
Schedule F - Airport Influence Area (PDF, 1.84 MB)
Schedule G - Source Protection Vulnerable Area (PDF, 561 KB)


Appendix A - Parks Classification of City-owned Parks outside of Rural Settlement Areas and Secondary Plan Areas (PDF, 1.87 MB)
Appendix C - Non-Renewable Resources - Under Appeal (PDF, 2.93 MB) 
Appendix C-1 - Non-Renewable Resources-Gas and Petroleum Wells (PDF, 1.86 MB)
Appendix D - Noise Exposure Forecast Contours and Primary Airport Zoning Regulations (PDF, 1.87 MB)
Appendix E - Former Municipal Landfill Sites (PDF, 874 KB)
Appendix F - Rural Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 476 KB)
Appendix F-1 - Rural Area Specific Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 417 KB)
Appendix F-2 - Rural Archaeological Potential (PDF, 2.99 MB)

Contains the Rural Settlement Area policies and mapping which provide detailed and community specific guidance for growth and change in smaller geographic areas of the City. They identify more detailed land uses, infrastructure requirements and other implementing actions appropriate for the community.


Rural Settlement Area Plans which are land use plans for 19 smaller geographic areas.

Chapter A – Rural Settlement Area Plans:
A.1.0 - General Policies (PDF, 88 KB)
A.2.0 - Ancaster Rural Settlement Area Plans (PDF, 64 KB)
A.3.0 - Flamborough Rural Settlement Area Plans (PDF, 204 KB)
A.4.0 - Glanbrook Rural Settlement Area Plans (PDF, 28 KB)
A.5.0 - Stoney Creek Rural Settlement Area Plans (PDF, 20 KB)

Rural Settlement Plan Area mapping

Map 1 - Alberton Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 54 KB)
Map 2 - Copetown Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 85 KB)
Map 3 - Jerseyville Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 48 KB)
Map 4 - Carlisle Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 125 KB)
Map 4a - Source Protection - Carlisle Vulnerable Areas (PDF, 108 KB)
Map 5 - Concession 5 East and Centre Road Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 45 KB)
Map 6 - Flamborough Centre Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 55 KB)
Map 7 - Freelton Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 84 KB)
Map 7a - Source Protection - Freelton Vulnerable Areas (PDF, 109 KB)
Map 8a - Greensville Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 187 KB)
Map 8b - Greensville Major Development Areas (PDF, 145 KB)
Map 8c - Source Protection - Greensville Vulnerable Areas (PDF, 120 KB)
Map 9 - Kirkwall Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 40 KB)
Map 10 - Lynden Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 61 KB)
Map 11 - Millgrove Rural Settle Area Plan (PDF, 57 KB)
Map 12 - Orkney Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 46 KB)
Map 13 - Rockton Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 57 KB)
Map 14 - Sheffield Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 46 KB)
Map 15 - Strabane Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 49 KB)
Map 16 - Troy Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 39 KB)
Map 17 - Westover Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 40 KB)
Map 18 - Woodburn Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 47 KB)
Map 19 - Tapleytown Rural Settlement Area Plan (PDF, 39 KB)

Contains special policy areas, the area and site specific policies which incorporate special conditions.

Special policy areas are geographic areas where either additional studies are required to determine ultimate land uses or where more detailed and specific policies are required. Site Specific Areas include site specific planning policies for defined properties.

Site specific policy areas provide detailed direction for individual properties or geographic areas of the City where more detailed direction for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban design or similar issues are required beyond the general framework provided by this Plan due to unique local circumstances not capable of being addressed by the parent Official Plan or Secondary Plans.


Special Policy Areas, area specific and site specific policies for certain properties or geographic area.

Chapter A - Special Policy Areas (PDF, 184 KB)
Chapter B - Rural Site Specific Areas (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Site Specific Area mapping

Map A - Special Policy Areas (PDF, 1.9 MB)
Appendix A - Site Specific Area Key Map (PDF, 1 MB)

Amendments to the Rural Hamilton Official Plan

OPA Number Location Purpose Council Adoption Date Effective Date

497 Millgrove Side Road and Part of 533 Millgrove Side Road (Flamborough)

To establish Site-Specific Area R- 22 to permit a small scale institutional use to expand in the Agriculture designation through a lot addition to allow for more sustainable servicing.

April 14, 2010

Approved by OMB March 7, 2012


568 Ridge Road (Stoney Creek)

To establish Site-Specific Area R-23 to permit the development of a small scale restaurant, in conjunction with and incidental to, a winery.

May 26, 2010

Approved by OMB March 7, 2012


834 Brock Road, Part of Lots 9 & 10, Concession 4 (Flamborough)

To redesignate lands from “Rural” to “Mineral Aggregate Resource Extraction Area” to permit the extension of the Lafarge Canada Inc., Dundas North Quarry.

September 14, 2011

Approved by OMB March 7, 2012


401 Lynden Road, southeast corner of Powerline Road West and Lynden Road (Ancaster)

To establish Site Specific Area R-27 to create a surplus farm dwelling lot where the depth of the lot is greater than generally 122 metres, the residence was deemed existing on or before December 16, 2004, and a cistern provides water to the dwelling.

September 12, 2012

October 16, 2012

5 Rural Area

To adopt policies respecting the rural economy, housing, design, cultural heritage, community facilities/services, health and public safety, transportation, complete applications and formal consultation, as well as make a number of minor changes to the Rural Hamilton Official Plan.

November 13, 2013

Approved by OMB April 2, 2014, in part (site specific appeal remains)

Case No. PL131391


3075 Tisdale Road, east side of Tisdale Road, south of Whitechurch Road (Glanbrook)

To establish Site Specific Area R-28 to permit the severance of a parcel of land for a proposed place of worship.

February 12, 2014

March 19, 2014


57 and 58 12th Concession Road East (Flamborough)

To establish Site Specific Area R-29 to enable the legalization of permanent trailer park units and expand a campground.

April 9, 2014

Approved by OMB October 21, 2014

Case No. PL140509

8 Airport Employment Growth District To remove the lands from the Rural Hamilton Official Plan as a result of an urban boundary expansion for the urban growth district.  It also created special policy areas for airport reserve and site specific properties that remain in the Rural Area. October 13, 2010

Approved by OMB April 10, 2015

Case No. PL101300

9 Rural Area To adopt policies to improve consistency between the Rural Hamilton Official Plan and Rural Zones to be included as part of Zoning By-law 05-200, add new permitted uses and provisions to the Agriculture, Specialty Crop and Rural designations, include new policies to implement Source Protection Plans and revise/correct section numbering and other typographical errors within the Rural Hamilton Official Plan. July 10, 2015

Approved by OMB May 3, 2016

Case No. PL150805

10 680 Highway 8 and 812 and 814 Old Highway 8 (Flamborough) To redesignate lands from “City Wide Park” to “Settlement Institutional” on a portion of the lands known as 680 Highway 8 to permit an educational establishment and to identify a new site specific area on the lands known as 812 and 814 Old Highway 8 to allow for ancillary commercial recreation uses on the Rockton Fairgrounds. October 14, 2015 June 22, 2016

917 Centre Road (Flamborough) and

432 Highland Road East (Stoney Creek)
To identify a new site specific area on the lands known as 917 Centre Road to permit a warehouse (self-storage facility) and to amend an existing Site Specific Area (R-26) to allow for the expansion of an existing agricultural processing facility. December 9, 2015 May 11, 2016

* Amendments 1, 2, and 3 were adopted by Council prior to MMAH or OMB approval of the Rural Hamilton Official Plan. These amendments were incorporated into the Rural Hamilton Official Plan and brought into effect by the OMB with their decision of March 7, 2012.

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