Official Plan & Zoning By-law

Zoning By-law

A Zoning By-law regulates the use of land. It contains zones for agricultural, residential, institutional, commercial and mixed uses, industrial and parks and open space zones.

The purpose of the Hamilton's Zoning By-laws is to:

  • implement the objectives and policies of the Urban Hamilton Official Plan and the Rural Hamilton Official Plan
  • provide a legal way of managing land use and future development
  • ensure development occurs in a responsible manner
  • determine the kind of use that  is suitable for a particular area

Hamilton Zoning By-laws

The City is preparing a new Zoning By-law for the entire City of Hamilton, replacing the Zoning By-law of the former municipalities.

At the present time, the City has 7 Zoning By-laws which area currently in effect:

Zoning By-law Amendment

If a property owner wishes to develop a property that is different than the permitted uses or the regulations of the Zoning By-law, the owner must apply for a Zoning By-law amendment.

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For building permit information, please contact:
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