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Airport Employment Growth District

The Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD) is a planned development area of 551 net developable hectares of employment land per the Secondary Plan. The Secondary Plan is bounded by Garner Road East and Twenty Road West to the north; Upper James Street to the east; Whitechurch Road West to the south; and, Fiddler’s Green Road to the west, all of which has been designed to provide for a major business park development which effectively integrates with and complements the existing John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

The AEGD provides the opportunity to create a new employment area which improves live-work opportunities and helps meet provincial employment targets for the City. It supports the Airport as important infrastructure and as an economic driver, supports long-term prosperity, contributes to quality of life, and establishes a gateway for economic and goods movements for the City. In particular, the AEGD is intended to offer a range of employment and employment-related land uses in the context of an eco-industrial park, which provides for prestige industrial, light industrial, airport-related business and institutional development as well as an environmental footprint that is managed through a range of urban design and eco-friendly sustainable design techniques. All of which allows for the development of land uses consistent with the character of surrounding lands.


February 17, 2015 -  The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) approved the AEGD Secondary Plan, based on the Minutes of Settlement signed by the City of Hamilton, Silvestri Investments, Twenty Road West Landowners Group, and Craig Smith.

OMB Approved Secondary Plan

The OMB approved Secondary Plan included revised Land Use Schedules showing lands subject to the Secondary Plan which were added to the City of Hamilton Urban Boundary. Compared to the initial Secondary Plan Land Use approved by Council in 2010, there are four notable geographic differences:

  • Addition of land west of Highway 6 and east of Fiddler’s Green Road;
  • Addition of lands south of Book Road East, and west of Smith Road;
  • Removal of Silvestri lands (south of Garner Road East, north of the Utility Corridor, and west of Smith Road); and,
  • Removal of Twenty Road West lands (east of Glancaster Road, South of Twenty Road West, and North of Dickenson Road West) while maintaining a Garth Street Corridor.

Secondary Plans Policy & Mapping

Design Guidelines

Updated Master Plans

The newly approved Secondary Plan will affect the future needs of the transportation system, stormwater management system and the municipal services network. The purpose of the updated Master Plans is to confirm that the ultimate network recommendations and the potential change in timing and priorities of improvements and service provisions required to accommodate the new land use configurations.

Original Master Plans

As part of the initial Secondary Plan, a supporting Water and Waste Water Master Plan was completed in September 2010, along with a Transportation Master Plan and Subwatershed Study and Stormwater Master Plan completed in June 2011.

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