Planning a Community

Barton Street-Kenilworth Avenue Commercial Corridor Study

The Barton-Kenilworth Commercial Corridors study is intended to produce strategies and an implementation plan to guide the revitalization of:

  • Barton Street between James Street and Ottawa Street
  • Kenilworth Avenue between Barton Street and Main Street

The purpose of the study is to:

  • Confirm where ground floor residential uses should and should not be permitted along these corridors.
  • Develop design strategies and standards to better manage commercial-residential conversions at grade.
  • Identify how the City can stimulate and remove barriers to investment and redevelopment.
  • Identify public realm and transportation-related improvements for each corridor.

Reports and studies

Implementation of the study

  • Traffic utility wraps with historic images of the corridor
  • New landscaping planters
  • Kenilworth Planter Beautification Project
  • Kenilworth Parkette and Parade
  • Installation of new benches
  • Future rollout of six new SoBi Bicycle Stations


  • Kenilworth Avenue Traffic Operations Functional Design Study
  • Hamilton Transportation Master Plan
  • LED Street lights installed in 2015

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