Planning a Community

Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study

Barton-Tiffany will be a mixed use area, with commercial and residential land uses. Commercial uses will be located adjacent to the rail yard and medium density residential will be mostly located on the north side of Barton Street West between Bay St North and Queen Street North. There is also a small pocket of low density residential at the Stuart Street and Bay Street North intersection.

The Barton-Tiffany lands are located within the West Harbour Secondary Planning Area known as ‘Setting Sail’. The Secondary Planning process was initiated over a decade ago, and was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on December 27, 2012. Policy within the ‘Setting Sail’ Secondary Plan required the preparation of a comprehensive urban design study prior to development within the Barton-Tiffany area. 

Purpose of the study

  • to address policies within the Secondary Plan
  • to communicate the vision of creating a healthy and sustainable community within West Harbour
  • to serve as a benchmark for future development in the Barton-Tiffany area


The Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study was approved by Council in September 2014. 

Maps and related reports

  • Design Concept and Guidelines (PDF, 50 MB)
  • Report to Planning Committee (PED14164)
    • Appendix A – Location Map
    • Appendix B – Setting Sail Secondary Plan – Land Use Designations
    • Appendix C – Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study – Design Concept Plan
    • Appendix D – Official Plan/Zoning By-law Amendment Sites
    • Appendix E – Design Concept and Guidelines
    • Appendix F – Technical Studies
    • Appendix G – Background Report