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Dundas Community Node Study

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The City of Hamilton’s Urban Official Plan identifies Downtown Dundas as a Community Node. Community Nodes are areas with an important concentration of services, shops, residential uses, and other facilities which serve as a focal point for the surrounding community.

Community Nodes are intended to have a mix of uses that allow for access to housing, employment, services, and recreation in close proximity to each other and transit. The Dundas Community Node Study was initiated to ensure that these goals are being achieved.

Being completed concurrently with the Dundas Community Node Study, the existing Urban Design Guidelines for Downtown Dundas (2005) (PDF,  27 MB) will be reviewed and updated. The updated Urban Design Guidelines will help shape development in the Node in a balanced manner and according to good urban design principles.

Study area for Dundas Community Node

Study Area: The Dundas Community Node Study Area (DCNSA) includes lands bounded to the west by Market Street, to the east by East Street, to the north by the rear property line of properties fronting onto King Street, and to the south by Spencer Creek. View the location map. (PDF, 670 KB) The total study area is approximately 47 hectares.

Working Group
A Working Group was established through an application process and met several times in 2018.

Dundas Community Council
Date TBD

Public Information Centre
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Timeline for the Dundas Community Node Study outlining 3 phases to take place in 2020

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For questions about the study or to submit a comment, contact:

Christine Newbold
Manager, Community Planning & GIS
71 Main Street West, 5th Floor
Email: [email protected]