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Elfrida Growth Area Study

Status Update

The Elfrida Growth Area Study is currently on hold, pending the determination of a preferred City-wide growth strategy to 2051 through the GRIDS2 Study. Learn more about the GRIDS2 study.


Between the years 2021 and 2051, Hamilton is expected to grow by 236,000 people and 122,000 jobs. While the City has made efforts to intensify within the current Urban Boundary to meet targets for intensification, a future urban boundary expansion growth area may be required to accommodate population growth.

Preferred location for new growth

In reviewing opportunities for where growth could occur during the City’s first comprehensive Growth Related Integrated Development Strategy (GRIDS) process, the Elfrida area was identified as the preferred location to accommodate a portion of future growth to 2031. Please note that through the GRIDS2 update, the City will be comprehensively evaluating where growth will occur between 2021 and 2051.

The City of Hamilton has retained a consulting team to develop a growth scenario for the area that manages impacts to the natural heritage system and surrounding agricultural lands while protecting important natural features.

Multiple studies are being prepared as part of the overall Elfrida Growth Area Study, including:

  • Secondary Plan
  • Transportation Management Plan
  • Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plans
  • Agricultural Impact Assessment
  • Commercial Lands Review
  • Phasing/Staging/Implementation Strategy
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Natural Heritage Review
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment (both built and landscape)
  • Financial Investment Strategy

The Study will be guided by the Urban Hamilton Official Plan and the Provincial planning framework to ensure that any future Urban Boundary Expansion will conform to Provincial land use plans and policies. The Transportation Management Plan and Water/Wastewater Servicing Master Plan will satisfy Phase 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process.

Note: The Elfrida Growth Area Study is being coordinated with the City’s GRIDS2 and Municipal Comprehensive Review processes, as the studies follow an iterative process where each study requires input from and informs the other. 


A new project timeline will be determined after a preferred City-wide Growth Strategy to 2051 has been confirmed as part of the GRIDS2 Study. It is anticipated that the Elfrida Growth Area Study may recommence in 2022.

Community Meeting #3 & Workshop
Review of evaluation for the 3 development scenarios and presentation of preferred community structure ideas.
Held June 12, 2018
Presentation (PDF, 3 MB) | Display panels (PDF, 11 MB) | Comment Sheet (PDF, 81 KB)

Community Meeting #2 & Workshop
Presentation of three development scenarios for Elfrida including small group discussions.
Held December 6, 2017
Presentation (PDF, 5 MB) | Comment Sheet (PDF, 1 MB) | Workshop report (PDF,  5 MB)

Community Meeting #1 & Workshop
Held June 20 & 21, 2017
Provided background and baseline information on the project. The workshop explored development programs for community design.
Presentation (PDF, 5 MB) | Workshop presentation (PDF, 4 MB) 
Comment sheet (PDF, 26 KB) | Workshop report (PDF, 4 MB)

Community Focus Group Meeting #3
Held May 30, 2018
Minutes (PDF,  226 KB)

Community Focus Group Meeting #2
Held November 21, 2017
Minutes (PDF,  102 KB)

Community Focus Group Meeting #1
Held June 13, 2017
Presented an overview of the purpose and scope of the study, the purpose and role of the Focus Group, ending with a round table discussion.
Minutes (PDF, 547 KB)

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