Waterdown Community Node Secondary Plan Study

The City of Hamiton's Official Plan identifies the central Waterdown area as a Community Node. Community Nodes are areas with an important concentration of services, shops, residential uses, and other facilities which serve as a focal point for the surrounding community. They are intended to have a mix of uses that allow for access to housing, employment, services, and recreation in close proximity to each other and transit. 

The overall population of Waterdown is expected to grow significantly, increasing by approximately 15,000 people. This growth will have an impact on the form and function of the Waterdown Community Node, bringing with it opportunities and challenges. Changes to the area’s transportation system, such as the planned east-west by-pass road to the north of the core, new bike lanes along major streets, and other proposed road connections, will also have impacts. A Secondary Plan is an important tool that can be used to help guide change.

The purpose of the Waterdown Community Node Secondary Plan is to create a clear vision for the area. This vision will help manage change and redevelopment by providing direction on the desired mix of uses, height, density, built form, and urban design within the Node.

A Transportation Management Plan, Cultural Heritage Review and Urban Design Guidelines will also be completed as part of this study.

Study Area: Extends west to east along Dundas St. from the lands across from Redcliff Court to the Canadian Pacific Railway line/Grindstone Creek, and north to south from Nisbet Blvd to the southerly end of Hamilton St. The area includes approximately 112 hectares of land. A refined Community Node boundary will be determined as part of this study. 

Location map of Waterdown Community Node


  • September 4, 2018: Background Report submitted to Planning Committee


  • Early 2019 - Phase 1: Project Launch and Visioning
  • Late Spring 2019 - Phase 2: Development and Analysis of Land Use Options
  • Fall/Winter 2019/2020 - Phase 3: Develop Draft Recommended Plan and Policies
  • Late Spring 2020 - Phase 4: Final Secondary Plan Recommendations made to Planning Committee for Approval

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