Market Rent Housing

Did you know that CityHousing Hamilton also offers rental units at affordable market rent rates?  Market rent units are clean, well-maintained and offered at rental rates that are often below the median market rent rates set by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for the City of Hamilton. 

How do I apply for a Market Rent Unit?

Applications for affordable market rent units do not go through Access to Housing.  CityHousing Hamilton assesses applications and manages our own internal wait list for affordable market rent units.

To qualify for a market rent unit with CityHousing Hamilton, you must:

  • Complete the Market Rent Application Form. Your application form must be completely filled out and signed by every member of your household who is 18 years of age and over (except the witness’ signature). 
  • Consent to a credit check. A credit history check is required for all applicants.
  • Provide income verification including proof of current income and five (5) years of income history for all household members listed on the application form. This information will be used to determine if your household will be able to afford to pay the market rent rate. This must include:
    • a recent pay stub which shows gross income and,
    • a letter of employment for each employed member of your household stating the name, address and phone number of the employer, gross annual salary and length of employment, and/or
    • a recent cheque stub from social assistance with a copy of your Drug Card, pensions or other sources of income, and/or
  • income verification from a certified accountant or a certified copy of your most recent tax return if you are self-employed. 
  • Provide two (2) pieces of identification for each household member 18 years of age and over including:
    • Copy of documentation that includes proof of status in Canada, and
    • Copy of photo identification
  • Provide five (5) years of detailed rental history information, including current contact information for former landlords. This information will be used to complete landlord reference checks.

If your application is not completed in full or documents are missing, it will be returned to you for further information. You will not be considered eligible for a market rental until your application is complete.  Once your application is accepted and approved, it will be kept on file for one year. It is your responsibility to contact the Market Rental Office to keep the application active after the one (1) year period.

Submit your completed application to:

CityHousing Hamilton
Market Rental Office
181 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 4E5 
Cell: 289-921-RENT (7368)
Office Phone: 905-523-8496 Ext.7874
Fax: 905-546-3234
Office Hours:  Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

How long will I wait for a Market Rent Unit?

Wait times for market rentals through CityHousing Hamilton are generally shorter than wait times for subsidized units. However, CityHousing Hamilton cannot provide an accurate estimate of the length of time you will wait for market rent units. Wait times depend on several factors, including vacancy rates and the number of people on the market rent wait list for each property. 

Where are the Market Rent Units located?

CityHousing Hamilton has market rent units in all areas of the City of Hamilton. The Building Selection Form lists the properties available with market rent units. 

Offering a Unit

When your name comes to the top of the wait list, you will be contacted by a Residency Administration Representative to see if you are interested in viewing an available unit.

  • You will be asked to go and see the unit and ask any questions you might have. You will then be asked by the Residency Administration Representative if you are willing to accept the unit. Please note that accepting a unit does not mean that you are guaranteed to be offered that unit. You must first qualify and be approved before you will be formally offered the unit.
  • If you are willing to accept the unit, the approval process starts to determine if you qualify. You will be asked for the following:
    • Complete and sign an Information Verification Form. This form asks you questions about who lives in your household, your source of income, your assets, your bank accounts, any property you own, your bankruptcy history and gives CHH your consent to run a credit bureau check.
    • Complete and sign a landlord reference check form. This form asks you to provide information about your previous landlords and gives CHH your consent to do a landlord reference check.
    • Proof of income. Your Residency Administration Representative will let you know what you must submit for your household. The Income Verification Checklist includes examples of income verification documents that you may be asked to provide. 
    • Identification for all occupants of the unit. Photo identification is required for each applicant.
  • The above information will help determine if you can be formally offered the unit that you viewed. You will be sent a letter to let you know whether you have been approved for the unit or if your offer was refused. If you have been refused housing for a subsidized unit that you have applied for through Access to Housing, you have the right to appeal the decision. If you have applied for an affordable market rent unit, the decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  • If you have been approved and accept the offer, you will be given a lease to sign. The lease is a legal document with rights and obligations for you and CityHousing Housing. The terms will be explained when it is signed.  If you are renting an affordable market rent unit, the first and last month’s rent must be paid in full before keys will be released,  by certified cheque (payable to CityHousing Hamilton), or money order.
  • You will set up a move in date with your new Property Manager and get the keys to your new home!