Funding for Social Service Providers and Community Organizations

The City of Hamilton’s Funding Application for Social Service Providers and Community Organizations can provide funding to support efforts and services affected by COVID-19. Social service providers and community organizations are eligible to submit a request for COVID-19 pandemic response funds.

The funding need must be generated by COVID-19 and be required for continued delivery of critical services, to hire additional staff or promote social distancing and self-isolation to keep people safe and healthy.

Eligible applicants include social service providers and community organizations. This funding application process does not apply to Emergency Shelters, Residential Care Facilities, and for-profit entities, as these organizations are being supported through other streams of funding. 

Eligible expenditures
Funding may be used in community housing and supportive housing to assist with housing costs for in-situ tenants; protective equipment; and the provision of food and supplies for households in quarantine and/or isolation.

NOTE Capital expenditures are not eligible through this funding process.


  • Building homeless shelter capacity (not including capital expenditures)
  • Use of motels or hotels
  • Housing allowances
  • Transportation costs
  • Food and supplies
  • Non-medical staffing requirements (e.g., enhanced outreach services)
  • Enhanced cleaning services
  • Protective equipment
  • Rent bank and emergency energy funds
  • Food banks and grocery gift cards
  • Community outreach to support seniors in self-isolation
  • Transportation for low-income individuals to get to and from medical appointments

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Currently, the City will aim to respond to any applications primarily focused on managing community spread (e.g. frontline service delivery) and prevention services within five (5) business days. All other applications for supporting services addressing basic needs will be responded to in a timely manner.

In order to address immediate needs, the City is inviting application requests for services and supplies for up to two (2) months. All budget items must reflect costings for a maximum of two (2) month time periods at this time. Please note that successful applications and funding amounts may be made public. For any questions, please contact [email protected].