What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 book an appointment through:

  • HamiltonCovidTest.ca
  • If you are unable to access online booking, call Hamilton Public Health Services at 905-974-9848

You should also self-isolate, which means:

  • Do not leave your home with the exception of seeing other people for critical reasons (i.e., a medical emergency). Do not have anyone come into your home unless it is essential (i.e., a care provider).
  • If you require assistance, access services over the phone, online, or ask for help from friends, family and or neighbours.
  • Avoid people:
    • older than 65 years of age
    • with a chronic medical condition (i.e., diabetes, heart and/or lung disease, cancer)
    • with a weak immune system

Self-isolation instructions

If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing other severe symptoms, call 911 immediately.


You can stop self-isolating 14 days after your symptoms began AND when you have been symptom-free (i.e., feeling well) for at least 24 hours, or as directed by Public Health Services.