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Apportionment of Land Taxes

The Apportionment of Land Taxes is a process completed in adherence to Section 356 (Division into parcels) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25 which permits municipalities to apportion property taxes levied against an original parcel of land amongst newly created parcels.  This process ensures the accurate distribution of property taxes amongst the new parcels of land.

In 2019, City Council approved By-law 19-098 which delegated authority to staff to hold meetings, provide notice and make decisions for the adjustment of taxes including the Apportionment of Land Taxes under Section 356.

The Ontario Ombudsman has determined that staff meetings pursuant to By-law 19-098 are not subject to the open meeting requirements under the Municipal Act.

Members of the public may participate through Webex via computer or phone.  Participation in this format requires pre-registration in advance. Interested members of the public must register by noon the day before the hearing.  To register to participate by Webex either via computer or phone, please contact the staff liaison my telephone or email.

Please note: Webex (video) participation requires either a compatible computer or smartphone and an application (app/program) must be downloaded by the interested party in order to participate. It is the responsibility of the party to ensure that their device is compatible and operating correctly prior to the Hearing.

Staff liaison

Terri Morrison
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext 4457
Email: [email protected]