Council & Committee Meetings

Arts Advisory Commission

About the committee

To recommend activities for the stabilization and strengthening of the arts community.

To monitor and assist with the implementation of the Arts Awards Program and Public Art Program.

To inform Council of issues and achievements in the Hamilton arts community and acts as a point of contact for members of the arts community regarding issues affecting the arts community.

  • Councillor Jason Farr
  • Councillor John-Paul Danko
  • Monolina Bhattacharyya-Ray
  • Elizabeth Jayne Cardno
  • Monika Ciolek
  • Lisa La Rocca
  • Janna Malseed
  • Annette Paiement
  • Ranil Sonnadara

Ken Coit
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 6281
Email: [email protected]

Committee type: Advisory Committee
Reports to: General Issues Committee
Meeting schedule: 4th Tuesday of every second month from 4 to 6 pm. Special meetings may be called as needed.

1. Membership

1.0 - The Commission is made up of up to eight (8) members representing a balance among artists and the community. One of the eight (8) members must be a member of the current City Council and is ex-officio.

1.1 - Membership should represent a balanced range of artistic disciplines that may include but are not limited to: visual arts, literary arts, media arts, theatre arts, music, dance, crafts. Every effort will be made to have membership reflect the diversity of Hamilton’s many communities.

1.2 - A member may represent more than one of the above disciplines/sectors.

1.3 - Based on the above criteria, members of the Commission are appointed by Hamilton City Council.

2. Terms of membership

2.0 - Members are expected to serve a term that coincides with the term of Council, and may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms.

2.1 - A term extends from the date of appointment in the first year of the fouryear term of Council until the expiry of the Council term or until such time as successors are appointed by Council.

2.2 - At the end of the second consecutive term, a member may reapply after an absence of at least one (1) year.

2.3 - In the event that a vacancy occurs before the end of a term, Hamilton City Council may appoint a replacement on recommendation of the Commission.

3. Roles and responsibilities of members

3.0 - Members are expected to further the Mission and Mandate of the Commission.

3.1 - Members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings of the Commission. If unable to attend, a member is expected to send regrets at least 24 hours before a scheduled meeting. A member who misses three consecutive meetings of the Commission may be asked to resign.

3.2 - The Commission, with approval of a majority of the Commission members, may work with other municipal committees and external arts organizations to further the Mission and Mandate of the Commission.

3.3 - At the September meeting of each year, the Commission will elect an Executive consisting of a Chair and a Co-Chair or Vice-Chair. The term for any Executive member will be one (1) year, renewable to a maximum of two (2) consecutive years. In the event of a vacancy on the Executive, the Commission will hold an immediate election.

3.4 - The Chair will chair all Commission meetings and be spokesperson for the Commission.

3.5 - The Co-Chair or Vice-Chair will assume the responsibilities of the Chair in the Chair’s absence. In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, a quorum of Commission members will elect a Pro-Tem Chair.

3.6 - The Executive Committee will work with Staff to prepare agendas, monitor the work of the Commission, and work with Staff between meetings to carry out the business of the Commission.

3.7 - The Commission will develop an annual Work Plan, and as part of the regular meeting agendas, review the Commission’s progress in implementing the goals and objectives of the Work Plan.

4. Committees 

4.0 - There will be two (2) standing sub-committees: Community Engagement and Arts Awards.

4.1 - The Arts Awards Sub-Committee will participate in coordination of the annual Arts Awards.

4.2 - The Community Engagement Sub-Committee will ensure an effective flow of communication and information between the Arts Advisory Commission and the arts community.

4.3 - The Commission may strike ad hoc committees as needed to deal with the implementation of the Mandate, and the goals and objectives of the Work Plan.

5. Conflicts of interest and confidentiality

5.0 - Conflict of interest occurs when a member participates in discussion or decision-making about any matter that may financially benefit that member, a member of his/her family, a person with whom the member is in personal or business contact, or any organization with whom the member is affiliated.

5.1 - In all cases where the Commission agenda presents such a conflict of interest for a member, that member will declare a conflict of interest, and will abstain from all discussion and voting on the issue.

5.2 - All Commission members will refrain from the personal use and communication of any privileged or confidential information.

5.3 - All Commission members will sign a conflict of interest agreement reflecting the above.

6. Decision making

6.0 - Although the Commission should endeavour to reach decisions by consensus, when a vote is necessary a simple majority vote will carry the question. The Chair does not normally vote, but in the case of a tie vote, the Chair will cast the deciding vote.

6.1 - Between scheduled meetings, should a decision be required, the Executive Committee will poll all Commission members and make an objective decision based on that poll. The decision will be communicated to all Commission members.

7. Gudelines for meetings

7.0 - Meeting of the Commission will be held on a bi-monthly basis on a day and time determined by the Commission, Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair, or upon written submission by five (5) members.

7.1 - A quorum consists of a majority of total Commission membership five (5 members).

7.2 - If within 30 minutes of the time called for a meeting there is no quorum, the meeting will stand adjourned.

7.3 - Only members present at a meeting may cast a vote.

7.4 - Meetings of the Commission are open to the public.

8. Education and training

8.0 - All members are expected to participate in orientation and training sessions offered by the City of Hamilton for volunteer citizen members.

8.1 - Subject to the Commission’s approval, members may represent the Commission at arts related workshops and conferences as a delegate. At the conclusion of the event the member will provide a report to the Commission.