Council & Committee Meetings

Committee Listing

Grouped listing of Committees, Sub-Committees, Agencies, Boards and Tribunals based on reporting structure. Not all committees have a direct report to City Council. Alternatively you can view the committees list alphabetically.

City Council

Hamilton City Council consists of the Mayor and 15 Ward Councillors.  Council meetings ratify recommendations from the Standing Committees of Council.

Standing Committees of Council

Standing Committees are established by Council, are comprised entirely of Members of Council and report directly to Council. Members of Standing Committees are appointed by Council.


 Sub-Committees are established by Council and are comprised of some Members of Council and in certain circumstances also have citizen members.  Sub-Committees report up to an assigned Standing Committee.  Members of Sub-Committees are appointed by Council.

Volunteer Advisory Committees

Volunteer Advisory Committees are established by Council and are comprised of volunteer members from the Hamilton community.  Volunteer Advisory Committees provide advice to Council through reports, on their area of expertise to an assigned Standing Committee.  Members of Volunteer Advisory Committees are selected by the Interview Sub-Committee of the appropriate Standing Committee and are appointed by Council.

Boards and Shareholders

Boards of Director are a corporation's governing body and are comprised of various memberships, including some Members of Council and sometimes citizen members.   The Boards of Director report to their respective Shareholders.  Shareholders are made up of the entire elected council (the Mayor and 15 Ward Councillors) and do not report to Council.

Other Committees

The below listing of Committees have different member composition, requirements and/or reporting structure.  Please visit the individual Committees page for specific information on each Committee.