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Fence Viewers

About the group

The Line Fences Act provides a procedure for the resolution of line fence disputes between owners of adjoining properties within the rural boundary of the City of Hamilton.  Fence viewers are required to arbitrate this procedure.



  • Shane Clair
  • Ron Jones
  • Robert Kominar

Lisa Barroso
Phone: 905-546-2424 x2743
Email: [email protected]

Reports to: City Clerk
Meeting schedule: As required
Composition: 5 citizens required


Prior experience in the following would be an asset: 

  • reviewing plans/surveys;
  • construction;
  • conducting on-site inspections to ensure compliance with provincial legislation 
  • dispute resolution skills

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Individuals appointed as Fence viewers will be provided an overview of the requirements under the Line Fences Act prior to being called upon to attend a fence viewing arbitration procedure.
  • Fence viewers will be called upon as needed.  They do not meet regularly or routinely.
  • Fence viewers are compensated $90 plus mileage for each viewing, when called upon. 
  • When Fence viewers are called upon to arbitrate a fence viewing procedure, as determined by the City Clerk, 3 Fence viewers are required to attend a viewing.