Council & Committee Meetings

Glanbrook Landfill Co-ordinating Committee

About the committee

To monitor the operation of the Glanbrook Landfill Site.  To act as a liaison to deal with citizen’s questions regarding the Site and as a communication link with the City of Hamilton and the Ministry of the Environment to enable this Committee to examine test data and other statistics relevant to the operation of the Landfill Site.  To visit the site as necessary.

  • Councillor Brenda Johnson
  • Allan Freeman
  • Brian Smit

Emil Prpic
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2604
Email: [email protected]

Committee type: Sub-Committee
Reports to: Public Works Committee
Meeting schedule: Meets 2 times per year at Glanbrook Landfill Meeting Room,1500 Haldibrook Road, Glanbrook
Composition: 1 member of Council & 4 Citizens