Council & Committee Meetings

Hamilton Cycling Committee

About the committee

  • To advise City Council, through the Public Works Committee, on all matters related to cycling.
  • To monitor implementation of the Hamilton Cycling Plan.
  • To encourage and participate in planning for bicycling facilities.
  • To encourage citizens to cycle instead of drive.
  • To educate on the benefits and necessities of cycling.
  • To integrate the work of area municipal bicycle committees.
  • Councillor Esther Pauls
  • Councillor Terry Whitehead

  • Jeff Axisa
  • Kate Berry
  • Joachim Brouwer
  • Roman Caruk
  • Sharon Gibbons
  • Jane Jamnik
  • Yaejin Kim
  • Ann McKay
  • Jessica Merolli
  • Cora Muis
  • William Oates
  • Chris Ritsma
  • Gary Rogerson
  • Cathy Sutherland
  • Kevin Vander Meulen
  • Christine Yachouh

Danny Pimentel
Email: [email protected]


Committee type: Advisory Committee
Reports to: Public Works Committee
Meeting schedule: 1st Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
Composition: Up to 15 members

Committee activities

The City of Hamilton Cycling Committee aims to have broad representation (15 people) from the various Wards of the city, including diversity of:

  • gender
  • a variety of cycling skill levels (novice to expert)
  • ethnicity
  • age (teens to seniors) 

Typical activities of volunteer members include:

  • Attendance at a monthly meeting, typically 10 to 12 meetings/year. Occasional absences are fine, but members should email regrets if they cannot attend. Meeting discussion includes cycling issues about:
    • promotion
    • safety
    • infrastructure design
    • tourism.
  • Opinions of the Cycling Committee members are conveyed through staff attending the meetings, through meeting minutes, and through communications between the committee members and Councillors.

Committee members are encouraged to:

  • Help staff information booths at major events, typically 2 or 3 times/year on weekends.
  • Meet with a Ward Councillor to review cycling plans in specific Wards, typically once/year.
  • Draft an email to key decision makers regarding cycling issues and review it with fellow committee members, typically 1 or 2 times/year. 

Committee goals

  • Review progress in implementing the City of Hamilton Bicycle Master Plan and to take action to influence progress if necessary
  • Ensure community input on specific details associated with implementing the Master Plan
  • Ensure that cycling needs are emphasized in all transportation related decisions
  • Encourage legislation and policy changes that are supportive of cycling
  • Promote cycling for transportation and recreation through relevant event 
  • Educate the public on the benefits, necessities and safety aspects of cycling
  • Assist in establishing secure, adequate bicycle parking facilities
  • Represent the cycling community at City of Hamilton sponsored functions/events
  • Encourage the formation of, and liaise with other municipal cycling committees
  • Foster a mutual respect between cyclists and other road users


Comprised of up to 15 citizen members. It is desirable, although not necessary, for the Hamilton Cycling Committee (HCyC) to have the following composition:

  • a faculty, staff or student from McMaster University
  • a faculty, staff or student from Mohawk College
  • an employee from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
  • an employee from the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
  • an individual from the bicycle retail industry.

All members shall reside in the City of Hamilton and have a demonstrated interest in cycling issues. It is preferable to have at least one member residing in each of the former area municipalities. 

All applicants must complete an application form available from the City and be subject to an interview by a Selection Sub-committee. Vacancies will be advertised when appropriate and the Selection Sub-committee will recommend candidates to City Council, through Public Works Standing Committee. 

The members of the HCyC will serve a 4 year term to coincide with the term Council. Members who are absent, or not represented by an alternate, for 3 consecutive meetings, without advanced notification to the HCyC, may be removed from the membership. A Chair, Vice-Chair and Recorder will be appointed by the voting membership of the HCyC.

Member responsibilities

Voting members are expected to commit a minimum of 6 hours per month to HCyC meetings and projects. Members must choose to work on at least one project of the HCyC during their term. Members are encouraged to create a bicycle users group, or trip reduction program at their place of employment, participate in HCyC public events, contribute to bicycling newsletter(s), and to represent the HCyC at public meetings and media events. It is the member's responsibility to read agendas and minutes prior to meetings and to keep themselves well informed of HCyC projects. Members are also expected to liaise with City Councillors to keep them informed of HCyC projects. 


  • Joint meetings with cycling committees from surrounding municipalities are also encouraged.
  • Quorum will be 50% of the current membership plus one. (e.g. 15 members; quorum is 8)